Snake Caught Hitching a Wild Ride on the Hood of a Car

The commentary in the video is hilarious. 

You've heard of Snakes on a Plane, but how about snakes on a car? An Australian couple recently picked up an unlikely hitchhiker who went on one wild ride with them. Luckily, the whole encounter was caught on camera and has since gone internationally viral on TikTok, with a whopping 5.6 million likes in just three days. The couple also detailed their encounter with the slithering reptile, revealing that he refused to exit the vehicle when they pulled over.

A Snake Hitched a Ride in Australia


Kerry Jenkins, who lives in Australia, was driving to Forster, New South Wales, on the weekend. However, she soon realized that she and her husband were not the only passengers making the trip when the head of a snake popped up on the hood of her car. Keep reading to learn what happened next and to see the video.

The Couple Is Shocked


In the clip, you can hear the shock and surprise in her voice when she realizes the snake, which she points out is likely a green tree snake, is stuck in the front of the car. "Babe, you need to pull over," she tells her husband. "There's nowhere to pull over," he tells her, adding that he is worried it will die. 

The Snake Whips Around


The snake continues whipping around, looking like it is dancing. "Oh no," he says while Kerry laughs in the background. She continues trying to convince him to stop so the snake can exit the vehicle. "It will climb off," she says to him. "Bubba, there's a snake on the car," he tells a child in the backseat. 

As They Start to Pull Over, the Snake Disappears Back Into the Engine


As they start to pull off the road, he asks his wife, "do they bite," and she responds, "I don't know, but he's getting bigger." He adds, "I don't want to get anywhere near it." However, as they got closer to pulling over, the snake disappeared back into the car. 

The Snake Continued Darting Back into the Motor


"We continued to drive home and looked again on and off over the next few hours. With a torch, we ended up seeing him, and my son tried to catch him and get him out, and he darted back into the motor. Again unsuccessful," she said. 

After a Few Days, He Was Still in the Car


"We waited overnight, and I looked again in the morning and found nothing. I would have assumed he got out and escaped. This afternoon (Dec. 5), my partner popped the bonnet (unfortunately without videoing), and he was sitting on top of the motor. My partner dropped the bonnet, afraid. I opened it back up, and we could see his tail sliding back into a crevice." 

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