This Is the Best Day to Shop at Walmart This Month

Great deals are just around the corner.

Thanks to pandemic stimulus checks, you may find yourself with a little extra cushion in your savings account these days. Yet an unstable economy and fears over job security mean you're probably looking to spend those dollars wisely. This month, you'll be able to score great deals on everything from home goods to electronics at Walmart via their Deals for Days promotion—but you'll have to wait until this day to unlock the savings. Read on to mark your calendar for an event that promises to bring top dollar items down to rock bottom prices.

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Walmart's Deals for Days event begins on Jun. 20.

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Offering both online deals and exclusive in-store sales, Walmart's Deals for Days event will begin on Jun. 20. Shoppers can expect "Black Friday like savings," including major rollbacks on electronics, fashion, beauty, toys and home goods, the retailer says.

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They've released a preview of select electronics deals.

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Good Morning America reports that Walmart has already announced select deals in the electronics category. Here's a sample of the kind of savings you can expect, beginning on the 20th:

  • iHome Nova Auto Empty Mopping Robot for $299.00 (was $599.00)
  • Hisense 40-inch Class FHD Roku Smart LED TV for $178.00 (was $228.00)
  • Tobi Robot Smartwatch for kids in blue and pink for $24.50 (was $49.00)
  • Prepaid Straight Talk A32 5G Phone for $199.00 (was $299.00)
  • HP 11.6-inch Chromebook 4GB RAM for $159.00 (was $179.00)

The event is Walmart's answer to Amazon Prime Day.

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Walmart's Deals for Days promotion is in direct competition with Amazon Prime Day, and will take place at the same time. In an effort to outperform Amazon's multi-billion dollar, online-only event, Walmart has planned for four days of sales compared with Amazon's two. The event will last from Jun. 20 through Jun. 23.

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At Walmart, there's no membership requirement.

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Unlike Prime Day, Walmart requires no formal membership—meaning anyone can take advantage of the store's great deals. This will better suit you if you'd prefer to save the $119 in annual Prime fees in favor of a one-time shopping bonanza.

Go forth and save!

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