In Bizarre Road Rage Incident, Florida Men Are Recorded Trading Punches at the Intersection. "Fight Me Like a Man"

One reportedly tried to hit the other with his car.

Another day, another bizarre road rage incident in Florida. In this instance, a woman saw two men going at it on the street; trading blows at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Jackson Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Jacksonville. Realizing she was witnessing something strange, the woman took a video of the incident, which she says did not even capture the worst of part of the scene. Here's what the video footage showed and what the woman says she saw.

Fight Me Like a Man


According to the woman, the two men got into a fight as a result of a road rage incident. "Guy got out of his car saying 'fight me like a man,' and the other guy was trying to hit him with his car and then he got out and fought him like a man," she told CBS 47.

Vicious Fight


Video footage shows the two men arguing at the intersection, with the verbal aggression escalating. One man wearing a white shirt punches the other one, knocking him over onto the ground. The woman claims white-shirt-man stamped on the man when he was on the floor, but the footage didn't capture that moment.

Both Parties At Fault


The woman says at one point, one of the men attempted to hit the other with his car. She doesn't appear to have that on video, either. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, no arrests were made as both parties were at fault.

Road Ragers


Researchers say not everyone who gets angry while driving will get road rage. "Some road ragers are angry before they get behind the wheel," says Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D. "But traffic conditions can exacerbate the situation. Most people have experienced the stress of an unexpected freeway closure or traffic break; it is the response to such stressors that distinguishes people prone to road rage from others."

Avoid Road Rage

Woman with road rage yelling at other drivers

Want to avoid being a road rager? Here are some tips. "Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you are not driving recklessly or aggressively," Dr. Patrick says. "Make sure you have a full tank of gas, your cell phone, an address pre-programmed into your GPS, and anything else taken care of that would otherwise complicate your journey. And emotions matter too. Don't get into the car to 'blow off steam.' Instead, make sure you are level-headed enough to get behind the wheel and not under the influence of anger."

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