Prince Harry Called Upon to Give Evidence Under Oath Against Meghan's "Malicious Lies"

Prince Harry is one of many who Samantha Markle want to give testimony in her lawsuit against her half-sister.

The drama between Meghan Markle and her half-sister, Samantha, is heating up. After writing a nasty book based on the Duchess, The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister, Samanta infamously sued her half sister for $75,000 in damages for creating a "false narrative and fairy-tale life story" in her Oprah interview and Finding Freedom biography.

Not only does she maintain that statements made on the show and in the book – especially the one where Meghan claims to have grown up an only child – humiliated her at a public level, but says that they are lies. The latest development in the case? Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, is being called upon to give testimony.

Samantha Is Demanding a Deposition From Prince Harry

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According to the latest documents filed, Samantha is demanding that Prince Harry give a videotaped deposition, under oath, later in February. She also wants her half-sister to give a deposition before her husband. 

She Also Wants to Depose Meghan


The papers maintain that she wants Meghan to confirm that Samantha "regularly drove her to school and took her on shopping trips to the local mall" and even confirm that neither Queen Elizabeth II nor the King were racist.

Thomas Markle, Jason Knauf, and Samantha's Daughter Are On the List

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Meghan and Harry aren't the only people who Samantha wants testimony from. Thomas Markle, their father, Jason Knauf, the former communications secretary of Harry and Meghan, Ashleigh Hale, Samanta's daughter, and Christopher Bouzy, who runs an internet security company, are also on the list. 

Samantha Recently Said Harry Needs Counselling


In an interview with GB News last month, Samantha took aim against her brother-in-law, saying that he needs to get professional help because he's "stuck at an adolescent stage of resentment over a whole host of issues," and attacked his persona."I think he is lacking in empathy, remorse and shame," she said.

"He is so under-developed and introspective that he needs to get counselling in my opinion because I think he is stuck at an adolescent stage of resentment over a whole host of issues," she said. 

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Meghan's Team Calls the Case "Meritless"

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According to court documents, the court has appointed a mediator in hopes of avoiding an actual trial. However, team Markle is attempting to get the case thrown out altogether, deeming it "meritless."

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