Politician Promises to Reduce Bike Theft. Gets His Bike Stolen 90 Minutes After.

“I feel so stupid,” he says.

A Canadian politician was left mortified when his bike was stolen less than 90 minutes after he made a speech vowing to crack down on—what else—bike theft. Winnipeg mayoral candidate Rick Shone lost the bike after making a brief visit to a local store. He unwisely left his bike in the back of his truck, and when he came back out, it was gone. "I feel so stupid," Shone said. "I was inside for two minutes. I got distracted by a question." Here's what happened.

Cracking Down On Crime

Rick Shone/Twitter

Shone rode the bike to a press conference at 10.30 am, where he made promises to allocate $250,000 of official funds to 500 new bike racks. He also vowed to institute a new theft-deterrent program to replace the old ineffective bike registration system. Bike theft is a hot topic in Winnipeg—mayoral candidate Shaun Loney is also promising to pour funds into public bike lockers and ensure they are built in all new developments. 

Shone Promises Reform


Shone also promised to spend more on bike trails, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian trails. "We spend a lot of money building the trails, but to visitors or even to people like myself who go to different areas of the city, it's often really hard to figure out where you are and where you're going," Shone said during the press conference. Within an hour and a half, Shone's bike would be gone. 

Stolen Bike

Rick Shone/Twitter

Shone visited a local store he owns called The Wilderness Supply just before noon on the same day of the press conference. He left his bike in his truck and had a chat with an employee. When he returned to the truck mere minutes later, the bike was long gone. "If anyone sees my orange Rossin riding around – I would really like it back from the person who just STOLE IT FROM ME…529 alert has been activated…(stolen in West End)," Shone tweeted.

"It Sucked, It Shouldn't Happen"


Shone is making it clear he won't allow this frustrating incident to distract from his big plans for city reform. "Ok, my bike was stolen. It sucked, shouldn't happen & needs to be dealt with," Shone said. "Bike theft is indeed a major barrier to cycling. But the plan is about building the best city in Canada to walk and bike in & why It's good for so many reasons. That's what I will focus on today." 

The Town Rallies


Shone is already back on the bike trail, and people clearly feel sympathy for his plight. According to Shone, the public are being friendlier than ever. "Said hello to no less than a dozen people I've never met on the bike commute this AM. Even those who were shy at first opened up. Try it. Let's be #friendlywinnipeg," he tweeted. Let's hope he gets his bike back!

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