This Pizza Waitress Just Got a $3,000 Tip. Here's Why.

The story is totally heartwarming.

Some tips are so large and generous, they even become news stories. On June 16, a waitress in Scranton, Pennsylvania (the location of the hit television show The Office) was tipped a whopping $3,000 after serving a customer a $13.25 homemade stromboli at Alfredo's Cafe, and here is why. 

The Customer Was Visiting From Out of Town

Waitress gets a tip from the client in the bar of the hotel.

Per CNN, Eric Smith, visiting Scranton from out-of-town was so delighted with his meal and the service provided by Mariana Lambert, that he decided to overtip – by a lot!  "When the time came to pay his check, Lambert came into my office with tears in her eyes and shaking, stating a customer was leaving her a $3,000 tip on his $13.25 bill," Matt Martini, manager at Alfredo's, told CNN in a statement.

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The Customer Said He Was Paying It Forward

Smiling visitor waiting for waiter

Another manager, Zachary Jacobson, happened to be in the restaurant that day. When he asked Smith why he opted to leave such a big tip, he responded that he was paying it forward. "He said he was involved in cryptocurrency. He was just trying to give back to the community. He's originally from the area," Jacobson told CNN. "I'm happy to see that people are giving back. It's a very hard industry to be involved in, especially during Covid."

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It May Have Been Part of a Viral Social Media Campaign, "Tips for Jesus"

Paid bill in the restaurant

On the credit card receipt Smith also wrote "Tips for Jesus," referring to a social media trend linked back to an Instagram account "tipsforjesus." The account is run by an anonymous user, who appears to share receipts of similar acts of kindness – large tips left on receipts. "It's good to know there's still good people out there," Jacobson added. "It helped her out a lot."

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One Waitress Was Tipped $10,000

$10,000 restaurant tip.
Courtesy of @tipsforjesus

In the latest Instagram post on the account, a $10,000 tip was left on a $709 check at Carbone Miami on Easter Sunday. "Tips for Jesus. God bless," is written across the check. 

Average Tip For Good Service in America

Unrecognizable male coffee shop customer places cash into a tip jar.

According to Discover, the average tip for impeccable service in America is 20 percent. However, that number can fall down to zero if service is really, really bad, or anywhere in between. Percentage can also vary due to other factors, including gender, age, region of the country, and specific services provided, per the credit card company. There are also people who tip more than 20 percent, who are considered "big tippers."

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