Terrifying Moment Pilot Plays Practical Joke On His Sleeping Wife in Mid-Air, Leaving Her Screaming in Panic

Funny or mean?

A pilot practically frightened the life out of his wife by pulling a prank on her while flying in the air. Michael Young, from Saint Simons Island, Georgia, took video footage of his wife Heather's reaction to the stunt, and needless to say she was not happy about his actions. "What the hell! What are you doing!" she yells, smacking her husband on the arm. Here's what Young did, and what the video footage shows.

Plane Prank


Young was piloting a small plane with his wife in the cockpit next to him. The wife is seen sleeping while her husband flies the plane, a touching sign of trust she will probably never have again, judging by what happens next. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

Sleeping Beauty


Young is seen looking at his sleeping wife and smiling as he flies the plane. Camera footage shows him looking directly at the camera and smirking as the idea of the prank comes to him. He then decides to ruin his wife's nap in a way she will never forget.

Negative G's


Young takes advantage of his wife's sleeping to play a terrifying prank on the poor woman. Without warning, the pilot pulls negative G's, accelerating downwards at high speeds. This immediately wakes his wife up, and she panics.

Good Morning!


Young's wife wakes up screaming from the sensation of weightlessness, clearly experiencing complete panic for a moment. She soon realizes her husband played a prank on her and playfully (or not so playfully?) smacks him on the arm and asks him what he was thinking. 

Funny Or Mean?


Young posted the video on TikTok with the caption, "While the wife was taking a nap on the smooth flight home I decided to show her some weightlessness." Commenters on the video couldn't decide if what he did was funny or mean. "You can see the split second thoughts of maybe I shouldn't do this…very very split second 😂," one commenter said. "Falling asleep in the passenger seat of a plane while ur husband flies u home is such a flex 😂🥰," said another. "I laughed at this a little too hard 😂," a third said.

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