This Man Just Doodled All Over His Tesla and Twitter Loves It

Mr. Doodle, a rising artist, is winning the internet with his latest project.

It's not uncommon for people to customize luxury vehicles. Some people splurge on custom paint colors. Others have their windows tinted, rims sprayed black or chrome, or add attention-grabbing decals to them. However, one British artist, who goes by the moniker "Mr. Doodle" really went all-out to make his Tesla stand out on the road by doodling all over it – and social media is going wild. Read on to learn how he did it and what happened next.

"Hey Elon Musk I Just Doodled My Tesla"

Mr. Doodle after drawing his Tesla car.

"Hey Elon Musk I just doodled my Tesla," the artist captioned a video of his automobile work of art across his social media platforms. In the clip, he is dressed in a doodled ensemble and carrying a doodled briefcase, and walks into a garage where a clean, white Tesla sits. He opens up his briefcase, takes out his supplies, and gets to work, doodling all over the expensive sports car with his black, signature doodle. At the end, he shows off his work from every angle, complete with his Mr. Doodle license black on the back. 

The Internet Went Wild


His posts have been shared thousands of times over on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. "Next challenge, a SpaceX rocket!" tweeted one enthusiastic follower. "Yes please!!" responded the artist. Apparently, Mr. Doodle is really driving the care around. "We love seeing the Doodle car around town," wrote one of his Facebook followers. As of July 29, Musk has yet to comment.

Who Is Mr. Doodle, Anyway?

According to Artnet, Mr. Doodle, aka, Sam Cox, a 26-year-old British born artist, made a whopping 4.6 million in salesrooms across three continents in just over nine months in 2020. In March 2020, his first registered auction sale of a resin figure, The Doodler (2019), sold for $2,006. By the end of the summer, one of his canvases had sold for nearly $1 million. And, between September 2020 and February 2021, five more of the artist's works sold for over $100,000 a piece. "It's felt good to see my work selling for all those prices," he told the publication. "I'm really pleased to see the interest is very much there for doodles. I think it's good not just for me, but for all doodle artists around the globe, the fact that doodles can gather such high amounts at auction."

One Of His Professors Gave Him the Name

The artist revealed to Artnet News that his alter ego was born December 2014, when he was studying illustration at the University of West England in Bristol. One day "fully dressed up in my hand-doodled attire" he walked into class and his instructor blessed him with his name. 

He Now Has Millions of Followers

In spring 2017 he went viral after sharing a Facebook video of a 60-plus hour project, where he doodled the interior of a vacant shop adjacent to London's Old Street Underground station. He told Artnet that it "brought me a whole new audience for my work and led to big new opportunities." He currently boasts 2.6 million Instagram followers and over 1 million on Facebook.

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