This Is the Most Hated Thanksgiving Food, New Data Shows

If you want to your holiday celebration to go off without a hitch, consider nixing this from your menu.

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday and a great time to gather with friends and family members you don't always get to see throughout the year. However, no matter how excited you are to get together with your loved ones, there's a clear star of Turkey Day: the food. And while you may be eager to dig into your mom's famous rolls or top things off with a slice of pecan pie, not every Thanksgiving dish is so beloved. In fact, a new study reveals that there's one Thanksgiving dish so maligned that nearly one-third of respondents said they hated it. Read on to discover what survey respondents are calling the worst Thanksgiving food.

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glazed carrots
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Vegetables may be good for you, but they're not what most people are looking forward to in their Thanksgiving meal. In a survey conducted by travel website The Vacationer, which polled 1,092 U.S. adults, 12.08 percent of respondents said carrots were the worst part of their holiday feast.

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buttered corn on the cob

Whether it's buttered, creamed, or served in a pudding, corn isn't exactly a hit among most respondents to The Vacationer's survey. In fact, 13.82 percent of survey respondents said that it was their least favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Macaroni and cheese

macaroni and cheese
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From noodles with gruyere and truffles to the orange stuff that comes in a box, mac and cheese is a classic dish at countless holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, it's not always a popular one, though: 14.73 percent of respondents to The Vacationer's survey called it the worst part of the Thanksgiving meal.

Mashed potatoes

silver pot with mashed potatoes and potato masher
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Mashed potatoes may seem like a generally inoffensive food, but that doesn't mean your guests will be clamoring to eat them this Thanksgiving. A whopping 17.57 percent of individuals polled gave a big thumbs down to mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie thanksgiving facts

Think something as sweet as pumpkin pie couldn't possibly offend? Think again. Among respondents to The Vacationer's survey, 20.77 percent said pumpkin pie was their least favorite Thanksgiving food.


sliced ham
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While turkey may be the quintessential Thanksgiving meat, ham is an integral part of many families' holiday meals. Unfortunately, it's not always a popular one: 21.23 percent of those polled called it their least favorite Turkey Day dish.


cole slaw in bowl
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Mayonnaise has always been a polarizing condiment—and that's particularly true on Thanksgiving. Among those who responded to The Vacationer's survey, 21.68 said coleslaw was the worst Thanksgiving food.


bowl of thanksgiving stuffing that was cooked inside a turkey beforehand

Whether you make it using croutons from a box or with handmade batches of cornbread, stuffing or dressing is an essential part of many a Thanksgiving meal. Sadly, it's a surprisingly unpopular one, too, with 23.42 percent of those polled calling it the worst Thanksgiving food.

Sweet potatoes/yams

sweet potatoes and marshmallows

Some people think there's no finer food than sweet potatoes topped with a marshmallow crust—but many of The Vacationer's respondents said otherwise. In fact, a shocking 24.25 percent of respondents not only said sweet potatoes or yams were bad but admitted to thinking they're the worst part of a Thanksgiving meal.

Green bean casserole

green bean casserole
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While the combination of green beans, mushroom soup, and fried onions may sound delicious to some, to others, it's not exactly welcome fare. Nearly a quarter—24.61 percent—of The Vacationer's respondents said that green bean casserole was the worst food at Thanksgiving.


thanksgiving turkey

Sure, it's a classic, but that doesn't mean everyone's eager to eat turkey on Turkey Day. Among those polled, 28.09 percent said turkey was the worst Thanksgiving food out there.

Cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce

Whether it plops out of a can or is painstakingly made on the stove, cranberry sauce earned the dubious honor of being called Thanksgiving's worst food by the greatest number of respondents to The Vacationer's survey. A generous 29.92 percent of those polled called the tart condiment the very worst Thanksgiving food.

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