If You Have This Milk at Home, Get Rid of It Now, FDA Says

The popular drink could pose serious health risks to those who drink it.

Milk has long been heralded as a healthy drink, with popular ad campaigns and parents alike touting its benefits for building strong bones and providing essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, if you've got one particular type of milk in your fridge, drinking it could do more harm than good, according to experts. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is now cautioning against drinking this one kind of milk right now—read on to find out if you should be purging your fridge of this product.

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Green Field Farms Dairy is recalling one of its milks.

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Courtesy of Green Field Farms Dairy

On Sept. 20, the FDA announced that Fredericksburg, Ohio-based Green Field Farms Dairy had voluntarily recalled 1,242 units of its Whole Chocolate Milk.

The affected milk, which was distributed to retailers between Sept. 7 and Sept. 16, has an expiration date of Sept. 29, 2021. No other products are being recalled at this time.

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The milk is being recalled due to improper pasteurization.

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The affected milk, which was distributed to retailers in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C., was pulled from the market after routine testing discovered that it was improperly pasteurized.

On the company's website, it boasts using "low-temp vat pasteurization" and "minimal processing" in its products. The company says of its whole milk in particular, "Very little is done to this milk before you buy it at the store. The milk is taken directly from the cows, minimally pasteurized (at only 145 degrees), homogenized, and bottled."

Consuming the milk could lead to serious health issues.

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A lack of proper pasteurization can lead to serious health issues, according to the FDA.

According to the agency, unpasteurized milk "can carry dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter, and others that cause foodborne illness," while proper pasteurization "kills harmful organisms responsible for such diseases as listeriosis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria, Q fever, and brucellosis." Green Field Farms Dairy had received no reports of illness related to consumption of the affected milk at the time the recall was announced.

If you have the milk at home, here's what to do.

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If you are in possession of the recalled milk, return it to the store from which it was purchased for a full refund. You can also contact Green Field Farms Dairy at 330-263-0248 with questions.

If you have consumed the affected milk and are experiencing symptoms of illness, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

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