Men Howl in Pain After Trying Menstruation Simulators. "I Never Want to Experience That Again"

The men were in agonizing pain while women didn’t even flinch. 

Most men will never be able to understand a few fundamental woes of women. One of the most common? What it feels like to suffer through "that time of the month" cramps. Some men make jokes about it, while others consider it a gross, taboo topic. However, in the past decade, society has been leaning toward normalizing menstruation and all that comes along with it, from the painful cramps many women experience to the blood. Still, it is incredibly difficult for men to comprehend exactly how it feels to be a woman menstruating. Which is exactly why one Indian state decided to give them the experience of a lifetime. Read on to see what happened.

Men Were Hooked Up to Period Simulators

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As part of the #feelthepain movement, men in the Indian state of Kerala took part in an experiment to open up the menstrual discussion in the conservative country. How did they do this? They brought period simulators into malls and colleges. 

Men Were Howling in Agony

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According to participants and footage that has been shared from Lulu Mall, in Kochi, the simulators left men howling in agony. The women looked on offering little sympathy. Zeenath KS, one of the project's student organizers, told the BBC that many men were begging to turn the machine off. 

Men Were "Bringing the Place Down" in Pain

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"That was really painful. I never want to experience that ever again," Sharan Nair, a social media influencer who tried the simulator, told The Telegraph. He added that men, like himself, were "bringing the place down" as they struggled to cope. 

Women "Did Not Even Flinch"

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However, women who tried it "did not even flinch" on the highest setting, while the men seriously struggled with anything over a four out of 10, revealed Dr. Akhil Manuel, joint secretary of the local chapter of the Indian Medical Association and coordinator of the Cup of Life campaign. "The simulator only transmits 10 percent of the actual pain," he said. 

Men Are More Likely to Relate After Using the Simulator

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"If you ask college boys directly what they know about period cramps, they'd be reluctant to talk," said Sandra Sunny, who designed the #feelthepain event. "But if you ask them questions like: 'Have they talked about periods with anyone, what makes them reluctant to talk about it?' after using the simulator, they are more forthcoming."

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