Meghan Markle Lookalike Goes Viral: "Are You Adopted?"

Meet the person who could be Meghan’s long-lost sister.

A woman who is a dead ringer for Meghan Markle is opening up about her experiences as a royal look-a-like. Sidney Beckles, 21, from Bournemouth, UK, has an uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex—and it's not always pleasant to resemble such a divisive high-profile public figure. Beckles says while she gets lots of compliments online about her looks, there is also plenty of trolling from anti-Meghan fans who are insulting her about how similar she looks to the wife of Prince Harry. Here's what she has to say.

People Ask If She's Adopted


Beckles, a part-time waitress, says the comments about her resemblance to Meghan began back in 2020—and she didn't see it herself at the time. "Since almost everyone says I look like Meghan Markle, here's some pics where I kinda see it," she captioned a video on TikTok. "Are you adopted?" one person said while another said: "I didn't even read the text and I straight away said she looks like Meghan Markle lol."

People Are Mean Online

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Beckles say people who are anti-Meghan can be very mean online (although never in person). "Most of the hate is directed at Meghan specifically, and just telling me that I shouldn't be proud to look like her," she says. "Generally, people say good things, with the most common one online being: 'Wow, I thought this was Meghan Markle' or 'You look just like Meghan Markle, she's beautiful.' And this is similar in person."

Meghan Is Beautiful


Beckles says she is proud to look like Meghan, as she considers her to be a beautiful woman. "I find it a huge compliment to be considered her lookalike, as she's a stunning woman. It's hard with regards to her as a person because I don't really know much about her – but from what I do know, she seems to be a nice person."

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She Gets Free Drinks From Fans

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Beckles enjoys some of the attention that comes with being a Meghan look-a-like. "My friends and I got free drinks because people were convinced that we were related – it's very funny," she told the New York Post. "I think at some angles I look like her if my hair is straightened, but in general, I never really think I do – unless someone points it out. I find we have similar facial features, specifically our smiles."

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Could She Be a Professional Look-A-Like?

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Beckles has no plans to go into business as a Meghan doppelganger. She says people tell her to "make something out of looking like [Markle]," but is reluctant to take things to that point. "As nice as it is that people comment on it, I don't want to base my life and reality on someone else's looks," she says. "I want to be known for being myself."

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