If You're Prescribed Either of These Medications, Don't Use Them, FDA Says

Multiple lots of the prescription medication are being pulled from the market over serious safety concerns.

If you're trying to get healthier post-quarantine, you're not alone. While, for some people, that means hitting the gym once again or eating a healthier diet, for others, it means making up for lost time when it comes to medical appointments you may have missed due to lockdowns.

Unfortunately, if you've recently been prescribed two particular types of medication by your doctor, your health could be in harm's way. Read on to discover which prescription medications the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) says you should stop using now.

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Innoveix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has recalled all of its sterile compounded drug products.

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On July 13, the FDA announced that Innoveix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. had recalled all of its sterile compounded drugs.

The affected drugs include Semorelin / Ipamorelin 3mg with lot number SIP210 and expiration date 12/15/2021, lot number SIP215 and expiration date 01/14/2022, and lot number SIP220 and expiration date 01/23/2022; and AOD-9604 3mg with lot number AOD205 and expiration date 11/09/2021, lot number AOD210 and expiration date 11/18/2021, lot number AOD 215 and expiration date 12/15/2021, and lot number AOD202 and expiration date 11/09/2021. The medications are contained in glass vials packaged in 3-by-3-inch white boxes.

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The medications may present serious health risks.

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The medications, which are often used to increase human growth hormone production and boost metabolism, among other uses, were pulled from the market due to concerns about their lack of sterility.

The sterility issues were discovered during a routine FDA inspection, and could put those prescribed the medications at risk. "Administration of a drug product intended to be sterile, that is not sterile, could result in serious infections which may be life-threatening," the FDA explains.

If you have the medications at home, don't use them.

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While, as of the recall date, there had been no reports of adverse reactions related to the use of the products, the FDA says, "Customers who have received sterile compounded products subject to the voluntary recall should not use them and return the product to the pharmacy for a full refund."

If you have questions related to the recall, contact Innoveix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at 800-370-1910 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST, or email the company at innoveix@gmail.com. If you think that you may have experienced ill effects related to use of these medications, contact a medical professional.

This isn't the only company's only recall due to sterility issues.

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This isn't the first time Innoveix has pulled its drugs from the market due to potential safety issues related to sterility concerns.

While the company hadn't received any reports of adverse reactions due to the use of their medications at the time, on Oct. 10, 2019, the FDA announced that Innoveix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. had recalled all of its sterile compounded drug products within their expiration period due to "a lack of assurance of sterility" arising following a routine inspection by the FDA.

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