Man Uses Kitchen Knife to Confront Alleged Intruders After They'd Interrupted His Cooking of a Cheesecake During Home Invasion

Weird burglary goes wrong.

An Australian court heard an account of an unusually complicated robbery last week: Prosecutors have alleged that two home invaders were confronted by a knife-wielding man who was upset they interrupted his cooking of a cheesecake. The situation then spiraled into a police pursuit that involved something hidden in clenched buttocks. Read on to find out how it all went down. 

Robbers Forced Their Way Through the Garage


Australia's ABC News reports that James Gregory Elliott and Jackson Cory Aldred are charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, and damage to property in the 2020 home invasion. On Tuesday, prosecutors presented their case to the country's highest court, saying the two men forced their way into a home through the garage around 10 p.m. on July 7 of that year.

They Brought Gun and Machete


One of the men allegedly pointed a gun at the homeowner, who was in the garage, and demanded his car keys and money, while the other man hit him on the shoulder with a machete.  Prosecutors said the men proceeded into the house, where the fateful encounter with the frustrated baker occurred.

They've Ruined His Cheesecake


Once they were inside the home, Elliott and Aldred were confronted by a man who was visiting the victim and was cooking a cheesecake. Prosecutor Beth Morrisroe said the man was holding a large carving knife and told the pair: "Well you've [messed up] my cheesecake, game on!"

Numerous Items Stolen


It was then that an already complicated burglary got even more elaborate. "I was just really flustered about what was going on because I was really scared," the man told police. "I was putting a lot of my thought onto [the man with the gun] because I thought he was going to shoot my feet. He had it pointed at my feet."

ABC News reports that the pair of burglars stole a portable safe, then came back, kicked down the front door, stole a handbag belonging to the homeowner's mother, then fled.  But more wacky developments were still to come. 

Police Tailed Suspects to Nearby Home


A witness saw the duo leave the scene in a white car with a damaged tailgate and missing grill. Police said they located the car parked outside another home nearby about an hour later. The two thieves were inside, they added, and one was holding the keys to the car "between his clenched buttocks."  And it is here that the case came to a swift conclusion: Searching the car, the police found all the stolen loot and robbery paraphernalia—the handbag, safe, a fake handgun, and a machete, which contained the victim's DNA. According to Riotact, the prosecution is expected to continue presenting evidence through next week. 

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