Man Dubbed "Edward Scissorhands" Caught on Home Surveillance Videos Trimming Trees During Middle of Night

"We really just want him to stop doing this."

A mysterious man has been sneaking around a neighborhood in the middle of the night, trimming trees. Residents in a Fort Worth, Florida, community have dubbed the man "Edward Scissorhands," and they want answers about what he's up to. "I was talking to my wife, Emily and I was like, 'Hey, we had a storm last night,' and she was like, 'Oh no, that's Edward Scissorhands …' and so I was like, 'Uh, what?'" says local resident Jerry Balkenbush. Here is what the video surveillance shows. 

Mystery Tree Trimming


Video security footage shows the man walking around the neighborhood at about 3 am, with a dog off-leash. "People in the neighborhood were talking about it, and it seems like he was just hitting certain streets," says Emily Balkenbush. Apparently, the tree-trimming incidents are becoming more frequent, further confusing the residents. 

Please Stop, Neighbors Say


According to locals, the man seems pleased with his work—but residents are not happy about his nocturnal activities. He managed to hit a dozen trees on three different streets in one night alone. "He starts trimming the tree and admiring his work and kind of stepping back," says neighbor Danny Thomann. "We really just want him to stop doing this."

No Rhyme Or Reason


There doesn't seem to be any consistency in the mystery man's work. While some people have slight work done on their trees, others see big pieces missing. "Sometimes he'll just take a little bit, but then in other people's trees he'll take massive gobs," says Ashley Thomann. 



The residents are annoyed about how much the mystery pruner's activities could cost them. "We're all liable for those trees per our HOA, so if something happens to the tree, everybody is paying hundreds of dollars per tree to replace them. So that's part of it, and then I think the other part of it is it's someone else's property. But we also don't want someone to get hurt either."

Police Reports


Residents say police reports have been filed in an effort to find and stop the middle-of-the-night tree enthusiast. "There are some investigators working on it, from what we understand," Balkenbush says. They are hoping someone might recognize the man from the video footage.

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