Man Finds Lost $4.6 Million Haribo Check, They Reward Him With Six Packs of Gummies

“I thought that was a bit cheap.”

A man in Germany was surprised to find a $4.6 million check belonging to candy giant Haribo while traveling on a train. Anouar G, 38, from Frankfurt, Germany spotted the envelope containing the check on a train platform. He was shocked to find the check was worth several million dollars, and decided to reach out to the company to let them know he found it. "There was such a large sum on it that I couldn't even pronounce it," he told German tabloid Bild. Here's what happened next—and how the company responded to Anouar's find

Lost In Transportation


Anouar had been visiting his mother when he found the mystery check on a train platform. The check was issued by supermarket group Rewe, and it was clearly misplaced somehow on its journey. Once Anouar realized who it belonged to, he reached out to Haribo to tell them he had found their property, and a lawyer from the company got in contact with him.

Destroy the Check


Instead of sending the check in, Haribo representatives told him to destroy the check, and send them a picture of it as evidence. Anouar followed their instructions and made sure the check was unusable, sending the company proof of his actions. What the company did next appeared to annoy Anouar, who was clearly expecting some sort of kudos. 

Gummy Gift


Haribo's response to Anouar destroying the check was to send him a gift package—containing six bags of gummies. Anouar was unimpressed by the gift, as he was under the impression he saved the company millions. It's not clear what he expected in return, but clearly, it was more than six packs of Haribo gummies. "I thought that was a bit cheap," he said.

A Thank You Gesture


Haribo pointed out that the gift was simply a thank you gesture, and was not meant as an actual reward. Since it was a named cheque, nobody but our company could have redeemed it," they said. "It was our standard package that we send as a thank you." Considering the check would have been canceled either way, the company didn't feel they were in danger of losing millions.

Gummy Bear Billionaires


Haribo is Europe's largest sugar confectionery manufacturer and is owned by the Riegel family. Global revenue is estimated at approximately $2.9 billion (2.2 billion Euros), and the Haribo brand is considered one of the most recognizable on the planet.

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