This Iconic Superstore Is Closing All But 16 Locations

The once ubiquitous chain is shuttering nearly all of its stores.

The past year and a half hasn't been easy for the retail industry. But even before the pandemic brought in-person shopping to a standstill, some key players were already beginning to wind down their operations and shutter locations around the U.S. Now, another iconic superstore has announced that it will be closing all but 16 of its remaining locations in the coming months. Read on to see which retailer is ramping down its operations.

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Kmart will be closing all but 16 of its locations in the coming months.

Kmart store entrance on September 13, 2013 in Sacramento, California. Kmart is the third largest discount store chain in the world"

Two years after being purchased out of bankruptcy along with Sears, Kmart continues to shrink its once large footprint by closing down even more locations. The company is keeping up with a list of sweeping closures that were announced in late 2019, leaving only 16 locations of the superstore remaining after liquidation sales set to take place through November, USA Today reports.

Sears will also be closing more of its department store locations.

Sears store entrance and sign in River Falls, Wisconsin

The shuttering of even more Kmart locations comes as parent company Transformco continues its plan to salvage the two retail giants. As part of the process, the company will also be closing all but 19 of the remaining Sears department stores after a similar round of liquidation.

The shocking decline shows a significant change from the start of 2010 when Sears had more than 3,900 stores. Nearly a decade later, the number had shrunk to 489 by the beginning of 2019. Numbers dwindled even further by the end of Jan. 2021 when there were just 36 Sears department stores left in operation. During the same time period, Kmart had dropped from 360 in 2019 to 30 in 2021, according to Forbes.

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Kmart's parent company says smaller format stores still exist across the U.S.

K Mart Store Stores with Worst Customer Service

While the days of Kmart and Sears megastores dotting the landscape may be over, the brands themselves may not be going away entirely just yet. In a statement to USA Today, Transformco said that its "go-forward store strategy for Sears and Kmart is to operate a diversified portfolio consisting of a small number of larger, premier stores with a larger number of small-format stores." The company says this includes the more than 300 Hometown Stores that are currently open, which are "primarily operated by independent dealers or franchisees of an affiliate of Transformco."

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Some areas are losing their last Kmart and Sears locations.

A closed Kmart location with the signage removed

The latest round of closures may not spell the end for the one-time retail giants, but for devoted customers in some states, it does appear to be the final chapter. Notably, Sears will see its last department store in its home state shutter when its location at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, closes on Nov. 14.

The announced upcoming closures will also affect Kmart shoppers in the New York City area. After recently losing its last Manhattan location, both Brooklyn and White Plains will shutter locations in the coming weeks, leaving the Empire state with only three stores standing.

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