King Juan Carlos "Couldn't Bear the Thought" of Spending Christmas With His Family, So He Ordered "Fake" Holiday, His Ex-Mistress Claims

“We’re just part of some sort of circus performance.”

Former Spanish king Juan Carlos allegedly had a "fake Christmas" celebration due to his intense dislike of the actual, family-focused holiday. Juan Carlos' former lover Corinna Larsen says the king "couldn't bear the thought" of spending the day with his family, hence the bizarre pseudo-Christmas replete with traditional food, drink, and presents. Larsen spilled the beans on the latest episode of her podcast Corinna and the King. Here's what she had to say. Keep reading to learn more— and to explore the secrets of the Royal Family, don't miss these Biggest Royal Romance Scandals of All Time.

Merry "Fake" Christmas


Larsen, 57, was romantically involved with the married king from 2004-2009, and has no issue revealing some very embarrassing details of their affair. "What does someone as powerful as King Juan Carlos do?" Larsen says. "He does two pretend Christmases. One is the pretend, happy Christmas with the people he likes. And then comes the pretend real Christmas with the people he can no longer stand."

"Drooling Sycophants"


According to Larden, the king was surrounded by "drooling sycophants" on December 22, 2013. At this point, she was no longer involved with Juan Carlos. "The relationship in the family had deteriorated to such a degree that he said he couldn't bear the thought of spending Christmas with his family," she said. "He was dreading to go home."

What the King Wants, He Allegedly Gets


Larsen says this sort of behavior was typical for Juan Carlos, who was surrounded by yes men. "We're just part of some sort of circus performance to keep this powerful man happy and whatever he articulates as a wish must come true," she said, adding that the king attempted to restart their relationship after that Christmas.

King In Exile


Larsen says the king essentially replaced her with another mistress in 2009 after she was busy spending time with a sick parent. After the fake Christmas, Juan Carlos allegedly demanded to see her again and spend time with her. He is now in self-imposed exile in Abu Dhabi following accusations of money laundering by the Spanish government. "It became clearer and clearer to me [that] he was conducting not just a double life, he was conducting a quintuple life," Larsen says.

Legal Issues

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Larsen has an ongoing case against Juan Carlos for alleged harassment after he demanded she returns the money he gifted her (according to Larsen). "There's something quite unhinged about him and something quite ruthless," she says. "It's all about self-preservation. Imagine that someone who says you were the love of their life would frame you in a criminal investigation."

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