Kate Beckinsale Slams Fan for Demanding "Beautiful Pictures" of Her

"You are a beautiful woman. Why do you post pictures like this?"

You have to assume that most of the people who follow actor Kate Beckinsale on Instagram are familiar with (and fans of) her irreverent sense of humor. The Underworld star's feed is full of memes, silly selfies, and pets in elaborate costumes. Even the occasional glamor shot is usually accompanied by a gross admission or self-deprecating joke. But it seems that not everyone on her social media is happy with her content. Earlier this week, a fan suggested she post more "beautiful pictures" of herself—and Beckinsale had the perfect response. Keep reading to find out what prompted the brazen request and how the actor shut it down. And for more social media clapbacks, check out Serena Williams' Husband Defends Her Against Body Shaming Comment.

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On Sunday, Beckinsale posted a hilarious selfie.

Kate Beckinsale with a friend and her dog on Instagram

"We're on a mission from God," Beckinsale captioned the shot, along with a tongue-out emoji. In the snap, she and a friend are sitting in a car wearing sunglasses and masks printed with a dog's face. And the image is so realistic that they're twinning (triplet-ing?) with Beckinsale's pup, who's wearing a pair of shades, too. For more social media owns, here are The 50 Funniest Celebrity Instagram Posts of 2020.

One follower registered his complaint about the photo.

Kate Beckinsale posing with dog on Instagram

In a reply, one fan wrote, "You are a beautiful woman. Why do you post pictures like that? I'd rather see beautiful pictures of you."

Dozens of other followers came to Beckinsale's defense, praising her "sense of humor" and reminding the man that "women aren't ornaments that exist to just 'look pretty.'"

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But Beckinsale herself had the best response to the rude comment.

Kate Becksinsale Instagram comment

Since this follower seemed to be under the impression that her Instagram exists for his approval, she carried that idea further in her reply. The Instagram account CommentsByCelebs was quick to find it.

"To **** with you personally of course," she wrote. (Her comment was uncensored, for the record.)

This didn't please the initial poster either. Instead of apologizing or just taking the loss in stride, he asked, "Why do you have to be so mean?"

As of press time, Beckinsale had left it there. She made her point, and obviously, the vast majority of her fans were on her side.

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Beckinsale has addressed her Instagram haters before.

Kate Beckinsale in a bikini on her Instagram

Per Insider, in 2019, one commenter came at Beckinsale in response to photos she posted of herself wearing a bikini while on vacation in Mexico. (The initial post has since been deleted.)

"I feel like you are having a midlife crisis or something," the follower wrote.

"Oh! I think that's because you're an annoying a******," the 47-year-old actor replied. Concise and to-the-point!

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