Kaley Cuoco Received This "Creepy" Gift to Honor Her Late Dog

This unusual anniversary gift from her husband is actually quite sweet.

Losing a pet is an emotional experience, especially when you've had your furry friend for well over a decade. In January, Kaley Cuoco had to say goodbye to her 14-year-old dog Norman. The star was naturally distraught over the loss. Recently, Cuoco's husband Karl Cook gifted her a "creepy" but sweet gift to honor her beloved pup. Read on to see the unusual anniversary present.

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Kaley Cuoco's husband gave her a stuffed replica of her late dog.

Kaley Cuoco and stuffed replica of her dog Norman
© Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

During a July 7 interview with People, Cuoco revealed that her husband gave her a stuffed replica of Norman. "It was just so sweet and so thoughtful," the star said. "When I saw it, I was so happy. It brought me so much joy and so many quick memories of my dog. You know, my dog changed my life." Cuoco went on to say that she knows "people might think it's creepy, but I love it. It sits on the couch, and it literally feels real to me. I will cherish it forever." She shared a snap with the plush pup on her Instagram story.

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Cuoco's dog passed away in January.

On Jan. 16, Cuoco took to Instagram to share a tribute to her dog. She said the loss led to "earth-shattering deep gut-wrenching pain I didn't know was possible." Cuoco added that Norman was her "entire world for 14 years," and noted the pair's special connection. "Thank you for smiling at me as you left this world, confirming once again our language was ours alone," she continued. "You will always have my heart."

The plush replica of Norman was an anniversary gift.

The Norman replica was a gift from Cook to Cuoco on their third wedding anniversary, which also marks the day the couple first met, two years prior to the wedding. Cuoco said the present was "maybe the best gift I've ever received." She commemorated the couple's anniversary on Instagram with a silly caption. "Why have you stayed married to me for so long?! I'm sincerely impressed," she joked beneath a black and white photo of the pair. "I love you oh so much you have no idea."

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Cuoco also got pajamas with Norman's face on them.

Kaley Cuoco and stuffed replica of her dog Norman
© Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The stuffed replica wasn't the only Norman-themed gift Cuoco received on her recent anniversary. Cook also gave his wife a pink pajamas set with Norman's face on them. She shared a photo on her Instagram story of her holding the plush Norman, wearing the pajamas, and clutching a mug with dogs on it. She wrote that Cook knows her so well on the photo of her beaming while decked out in dog-themed merchandise.

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