Former King Wins Immunity From Ex-Lover's Harassment Claims

Juan Carlos was accused of harassing a former lover. 

Royals are just like us – not all of their romances end on good terms. And, like civilians, sometimes they even end up in court because of it. The former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, learned this firsthand after a former lover accused him of harassing her and tried to take him to court.

However, Carlos, who now lives in Abu Dhabi after abdicating the throne to his son eight years ago, won't have to defend himself in court. Keep reading to discover why Juan Carlos won't have to go to court to defend himself against a former lover.

Juan Carlos Was Accused of Harassing and Intimidating His Former Lover


The former King was accused of waging a campaign of intimidation against a former lover, a German-Danish businesswoman named Corinna Larsen. The 57-year-old woman sued the 84-year-old royal over an alleged €65 million gift.

She Claimed He Ordered Spies Who Harassed Her

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According to Larsen, Juan Carlos ordered Spanish intelligence agents to not only spy on her but also harass her over the gift. According to her lawyers, starting in 2012, the "embittered" king started harassing her after the end of their five-year-long "intimate romantic relationship."

She Allegedly Wouldn't Return His Money


According to Larsen, Juan Carlos was angry that she wouldn't allow him to "use a financial sum irrevocably gifted to her, or to return other gifts" and is guilty of "smearing her and her business in the media, following her, entering her home in Shropshire, and bugging her homes and electronic devices."

Juan Carlos Is Entitled to "Sovereign Immunity"


The Court of Appeal overturned a March ruling in the High Court finding that Juan Carlos was not entitled to "sovereign immunity" as a member of the Spanish royal family. Per Lady Justice Simler, Juan Carlos' legal team successfully had "established his claim to functional immunity" under the State Immunity Act 1978 and that the March ruling by Mr. Justice Nicklin was, in fact, wrong. 

Larsen Maintains He Even Used Princess Diana's Death to Scare Her

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According to Larsen, Spanish agents tried to intimidate her into silence, suggesting she could face the same fate as Diana, Princess of Wales. Her lawyers also accused the former king of hiring spies who undertook "an operation" at Larsen's home in Switzerland, leaving behind a book on "the involvement of British and US intelligence agencies" in Diana's death.

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Her Allegations Are "Untrue," His Legal Team Says

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"In its judgment the Court of Appeal emphasized that His Majesty 'emphatically denies that he engaged in, or directed, any harassment of [the Claimant] and rejects her allegations as untrue," Carter-Ruck, the legal team acting for Juan Carlos, said in a statement following the win. 

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