Country Singer Jessie James Decker Defends Accusation of Photoshopping Photos of Her "Six-Pack" Children

The country singer is hitting back at trolls accusing her of photoshopping and “overtraining” her children.

Jessie James and Eric Decker are unexpectedly in the hot seat this week. Over the weekend, the country shared some photos taken during a family vacation of her three children, Vivianne, 8, Eric, 7, and Forrest, 4. In the photo, all three children are in their swimsuits on the beach in Mexico. "Vacation Decker style," she captioned the cute snap.

While the kids were adorable, people couldn't help but notice that all three had impressive chiseled abs. And, while many people had nice things to say, the trolls were out in full force. Initially, the singer was accused of photoshopping the images, but later was hit with accusations of "overtraining" them – and she has something to say about that. 

Some Celebs Were in Awe


Many people who saw the photos were simply in awe. "Just wait till I start doing 2 a days 🙄😂 they're ripped!!" Kane Brown commented on the photo. "I love these smiles. The strength. So in their bodies. Fun goals," added actress Selma Blair. 

Other People Were Not Kind

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

However, others were not so kind. ​​According to Today, one commented that their appearance takes a "special kind of diet and exercise, and it looks strange on a child hence all the comments." Another accused her of photoshopping their bodies. 

James Addressed the Accusations on Social Media

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

"I didn't plan on addressing this because it's bonkers but the photos are out there and every single news outlet has posted about this. When I posted the pix of our vacation and included the kids being silly flexing on the beach on our thanksgiving trip I had NO clue it would get the reaction it did," the 34-year-old writes in a new Instagram post. 

She Explains That Her Kids Have "A Mass Amount of Genetic and Build Muscle From Athletics"


"But Being accused of photoshopping abs on my kids (I can't help but laugh) or … the polar opposite over 'overtraining' our kids makes me realize how bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body and what's normal and what's not," she continued. "We preach about body positivity and acceptance but my kids having a mass amount of genetic and built muscle from athletics is 'weird'?"


She Wants to Raise Her Kids to "Feel Proud of Their Bodies"


"I want to raise my kids to feel proud of their bodies and hard work from either Vivis elite competitive gymnastics to Eric Jr wanting to be like dad as an NFL receiver to little Forrest who spends hours dancing his heart out. Let's not pick and choose what we normalize regarding bodies and be accepting of all people and children," she added. "If we wanna do 'better' then do better. I'm proud of my children and encourage them to live their dreams. So we'll see y'all at the 2032 Olympics, and wearing Bubbys jersey in the stands and dancing at Forrests rock concert." 

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