Major New Question Regarding Idaho Murder Suspect and Unsolved Crimes

Investigators have been looking for any connections between Bryan Kohberger and other unsolved crimes. 

Ever since the arrest of Bryan Kohberger, there has been a burning question on many people's minds: If he did, in fact, murder four University of Idaho students – Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Ethan Chapin, 20 – had he done it before? Due to the fact that the murders appear to be meticulously planned, with Kohberger seemingly stalking them for months, many experts maintain that there is a good chance this wasn't his first kill. Now, according to a new report, investigators in Pennsylvania are knee-deep in cold case files attempting to make a connection. 

Kohberger Lived in Two Separate PA Counties

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Before arriving at Washington State University for his Ph.D., Kohberger attended Northampton Community College and DeSales University, both in his home state of Pennsylvania. Now investigators in those counties are hard at work seeing if he committed any crimes while there. 

While authorities have confirmed that Kohberger had no previous record, they believe he might have committed crimes he got away with. "Your natural question is to start wondering, 'Is this guy wanted?'" Northampton County District Attorney Terence Houck told KING 5 News this week.

Houck ordered his staff to review all local cold cases, using information such as Kohberger's height, weight, methodology, and other characteristics. However, they did not find any connections between the accused murderer and their unsolved cold cases. 

They "Continue to Investigate and Pursue Leads"


However, they haven't given up. "In fact, nothing with respect to Kohberger has come about in our investigations of cold cases or unsolved cases to this point, but we always continue to investigate and pursue leads," he said.

Another DA Looked to See If They Had "Any Contact" with Him

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Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin, whose jurisdiction covers the DeSales University area, also tried to connect any dots. "The first thing I did [after Kohberger's arrest] was ask the director of the [Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center] to see if we had any contact with Mr. Kohberger," Martin told KING5.

But the only thing that popped up was a 911 call made by Kohberger after his car was locked behind a gate. "And there was a response from him thanking the police and apologizing for the inconvenience," he added.

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