Hero Dog Saves Owner's Life by Guarding Him for 36 Hours and Searching for Help After He Fell 200 Feet Down a Ravine

"I remember seeing leeches. I thought I’d end up found with them all over me.”

A 76-year-old British retiree was guarded by his dog for 36 hours after he fell 200 feet into a creek. "She saved my life," said Martyn Clark. "I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for her." The pair were recently reunited after Clark spent a month in the hospital with multiple injuries. Read on to find out what happened during those three days and how Clark was ultimately rescued thanks to his faithful companion. 

Tumble Into Stream Leaves Him Injured, Immobile


According to the UK Sun, Clark was on vacation on the North Yorkshire Moors when he was out walking with Suki, a saluki-collie mix. Suddenly he slipped and fell, landing hard on a boulder in a stream. He lay there seriously injured, unable to move. "I was drifting in and out of consciousness," said Clark. "Suki pushed her cold nose against my face and was staring into my eyes. I think she knew how desperate things were getting. She looked at me as if to say, 'What the heck did you do that for?'"

Dog Went To Find Help, With No Luck, Until…

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team/Facebook

Suki kept leaving to search for help and coming back to Clark. After 36 hours, she heard some voices. "I saw her ears prick up, and she was gone," said Clark. "There was blood coming from my head, and I remember seeing leeches. I thought I'd end up found with them all over me."

Rescuers Arrive

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team/Facebook

Soon a man and his family who were out walking came to help Clark. Mountain rescuers carried him back up the cliffs, and he was hospitalized with a broken shoulder and collarbone. Clark is now home with Suki, but they're a little less active now, the Sun reports. "She put her paws on my chest, had a good look and understood things'll be a bit different now," said Clark.

Sometimes, A Dog Needs Rescuing

San Diego Humane Society

Last week in California, it was an older dog that needed help after tumbling 100 feet into a ravine. KGTV reports that Hobo, a deaf eight-year-old Australian shepherd, fell while out walking with his owner. He sighted something in the brush and chased it but slipped and fell far below. It took a rescue team of five people nearly four hours to rescue Hobo, the San Diego Humane Society said. The rescue was complicated because the dog landed in thick brush and has arthritis and mobility issues that made it tough for him to move.

"It Was a Miracle"

San Diego Humane Society

"When my rescuers got on scene, we built the systems to go down and rescue the dog," said Lt. Cliff Ganus. The team had to cut trees and branches to free Hobo, then put him in a safety harness and pulled him up to his family. Hobo was "all wiggles" when he was rescued. "It was a miracle … thank God for the Humane Society," Plant told KGTV, adding that she hoped Hobo would stay away from the ravine in future. "I'm going to keep him on this very short lead."

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