The True Story of Why Gunmen Hijacked Harry Styles' Truck on His Tour

The singer’s merch van was robbed during his South American tour

Harry Styles is one of the most popular entertainers in the world, and to say he had a great year was an understatement. Not only was his song, As It Was, an international hit, but according to Billboard, his latest tour was one of the highest-grossing of the year, raking in a cool $214.4 million. Then there was the fact that the former One Direction singer was in one of the most high-profile relationships of the year with actress and director Olivia Wilde.

After finishing his North American tour, the singer headed down to South America, where he has been playing shows. However, the unthinkable happened this week: Gunmen hijacked one of the trucks on his tour. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Harry's Merch Van Was Hijacked By Armed Robbers


According to reports from Brazilian news outlet G1, members of the singer's touring crew were driving in-between locations in the South American country when they were stopped in their van by three men holding guns. The incident went down on Friday. 

The Driver Was "Subdued"


The van was heading toward Curitiba, south of Sao Paulo when they were approached by the armed gunmen. The driver was "subdued" by the robbers. 

The Van Hasn't Been Located


The van was filled with merchandise from Harry's tour. The robbers reportedly took the entire van filled with items. However, the exact contents of it have yet to be revealed. As of Friday, the van hadn't been located. 

Harry Was Also Almost Attacked Onstage


On Thursday, during his show in Rio de Janeiro, there was another hiccup on Harry's tour. While he was performing, a fan ran onto the stage before being tackled by security. However, like a professional, he kept on singing. 

He Poked Fun at the Situation


"Well, that was different!" he commented to fans, trying to make light on the situation. The security guard's face was then flashed onto a screen. "Thank you, thank you. You saved me. I'm shooketh. I'm shooketh," he joked.

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