Woman Narrowly Avoids Being Crushed by Giant Boulder That Crashes Through Her Home

The woman was inches away from being crushed.

A woman was moments away from serious injury when a giant boulder came crashing into her house. Security footage shows the boulder smashing through the wall of Caroline Sasaki's home in Honolulu, Hawaii, nearly colliding into her. Authorities say another nearby home had a boulder smash into it as well. "All I heard was the boom when the glass cracked from the sliding door, so I backed up," Sasaki, 65, said. The boulder went through three walls, causing massive damage to the home. Here's what the footage shows.

Giant Boulder Crashes Through a Wall


The incident happened just before midnight on Saturday, January 28. Security camera footage shows the 5 ft boulder captured the moment the giant boulder came crashing through a cinderblock wall into Sasaki's home. Authorities say the boulder first crashed through the outer wall, the living room, and then another wall before finally stopping in the bedroom.

Woman Was Inches From Danger


Sasaki was walking through a hallway when the boulder hit her house. Luckily neither she nor the other three people living in the house were injured, although a car outside had reportedly been damaged by the runaway rubble. 

She Was One Step From Grave Danger


Sasaki was shocked at the close call, especially as she and her family had only been living in the house for a week. "I haven't watched the video, but they said if I took one more step, I probably wouldn't be here," she told local broadcaster KITV 4.

Where Did It Come From?


Investigators say it's unclear why the boulder came rolling down the hill (which is privately owned), and noted there had been several days of heavy rainfall. "There was so much adrenaline flowing that it just brought me down for a while," longtime neighbor Craig Tomita told Hawaii News Now.

Another House Was Also Hit


Inspectors from the City Department of Planning and Permitting came to the house on Monday to investigate what happened. A 2 ft boulder reportedly hit another house nearby but didn't make it through the outer wall. "There was a concern before these even happened," Sasaki says. Insurance adjusters will also visit the property, the family says. As of Monday, the boulder was still in place. 

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