"How About Me?" Georgia Man's Comment on Police "Most Wanted" Post, Gets Him Arrested

“Bro straight snitched on himself.”

A Georgia man's comment on Facebook got him promptly arrested after he brought himself to the attention of law enforcement. Christopher Spaulding found himself in hot water after pointing out what he considered to be an oversight on the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. The oversight? The department regularly posts their top ten most wanted criminals online, and Spaulding believed he belonged on that list. Here's what happened.

Top Ten Most Wanted

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office posted their top ten most wanted criminals for the month of November 2022. "RCSO's Most Wanted List – November 2022. The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Most Wanted list will be updated as often as criminals are apprehended or new suspects emerge. Check our website for additions to the list and for captured updates," they said.

How About Me

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office

The post caught Spaulding's attention, who clearly believed he belonged on that list. For reasons best known to himself, he left a comment on the Facebook post. "How about me," he said. The brief comment already has 1.6k reactions from commenters who—understandably—thought it was hilarious.

Quick Response

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office wasted no time responding to the overlooked rule breaker. After checking their records, they discovered Spaulding indeed did have two outstanding warrants. "Christopher Spaulding you are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way," the RCSO replied.


Rockdale County Sheriff's Office

Spaulding was arrested on warrants for felony violation of probation a few days later. "We appreciate you for your assistance in your capture!" the RCSO said. "Special thanks to our Fugitive Unit for being active and efficiently apprehending Mr. Spaulding who has 2 warrants for Felony Violation of Probation. Our Top 10 is compiled based on the severity of the charges only. By not being on this list does not mean our Fugitive Unit is not looking for you if you have an active warrant. If you have any information or would like to know if you have a warrant please contact Investigator Dunn at 770-278-8183 or [email protected]"

Snitched On Himself

Police Car Sirens
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The public response to Spaulding's own-goal is a mix of incredulity and delight. "Bro straight snitched on himself 😂😂😂😂," one commenter said. "I see what you did there with all these high grocery prices and cost of living. Man will get 3 hots and a cot for FREE," another joked. "Bless your heart. You aren't the brightest crayon in the box are ya?" said another.

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