Florida Suspect Says "I'm Sorry" to Police Right Before Fleeing Across Busy Freeway

He “decided to play ‘frogger’ across I-95!”

A suspect fleeing from law enforcement was polite enough to apologize as he took off away from Sheriff's deputies who had pulled him over for speeding. Zachary Sibert was driving on I-95 in Florida when deputies caught him speeding—and with a suspended license!—at 110 mph. Sibert decided to take his chances and ran away across the interstate, yelling apologies as he did so. He was later found hiding in the back of a truck and taken to jail, aka the "Brevard Big House." Here's what the deputies had to say.

Mocked By the Deputies

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook

Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted about the incident on the Brevard County official Facebook page, explaining what happened in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. "I guess when you're going 110 mph on the interstate, you may have a little trouble seeing our Motor Unit!" he said, going on to say he appreciated the fugitive's manners. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.

"Playing Frogger"

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook

Ivey clearly thinks Sibert knew he was in big trouble and decided to make a break for it. "Apparently, Zachary Sibert was in such a hurry that he forgot that his Drivers License was suspended, so when Deputy Charles Hill tried to pull him over for speeding, instead of stopping the car like a normal adult, Sibert decided to play 'frogger' across I-95!" Ivey continued.

Courteous Criminal

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook

"The good news is that Sibert yelled "I'm Sorry" to our Deputy as he took off running, and while he was a courteous criminal, he was not very smart as after a short time of hiding out in Buffer Preserve, he located a vehicle and said he would pay the driver to take him back up to the area of the interstate," Ivey continued.

Not Worth It

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook

Ivey makes the good point that Sibert's reaction didn't match the initial misdeed. "I guess he forgot he was in Brevard County where we chase you and hunt you down if you run from us, so much to his surprise our Agents were still in the area and located Sibert hiding in the back seat! All of that for driving with a suspended license!" Ivey said.

Welcome To Jail

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook

"Thankfully, no one was injured by Sibert's actions as he made the stupid decision to play frogger while running across all lanes of the interstate!" Ivey said. "Hopefully Sibert enjoys his stay at the "Brevard Big House" and while there, starts to learn that if you run from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office you are only going to jail tired!"

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