This Cheese Is Being Recalled Over Safety Concerns, FDA Says

The product poses a risk of serious health problems in certain individuals, the authority says.

Whether you're a grilled cheese connoisseur or mad about mozzarella sticks, there are few foods that spark as much passion for foodies as cheese. And while you may know that you should purge those dairy delicacies from your fridge when they start looking or smelling off, there's yet another reason you might want to clear out your cheese stash right now. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has just issued a recall notice for a popular type of cheese; read on to find out if you should be getting rid of this product now.

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Picket Fence Creamery has just recalled one of its cheeses.

clear container of taco white cheddar cheese curds
Courtesy of Picket Fence Creamery LLC

On Sept. 27, the FDA announced that Picket Fence Creamery, LLC had recalled its 12-oz. boxes of taco cheese curds.

The cheese was packaged in plastic containers bearing a Picket Fence Creamery label, UPC number 094922414984, and best if used by date of Feb. 26, 2022, written "2-26-22," or earlier.

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The company is also recalling one of its ice creams.

plastic quart container full of bright green key lime pie ice cream
Courtesy of Picket Fence Creamery LLC

Cheese isn't the only product Picket Fence is pulling from the market right now, however.

The brand is also recalling its half-pint, pint, and quart containers of key lime pie ice cream. The affected ice cream comes in plastic containers bearing a Picket Fence Creamery label, UPC number 094922414847, and best if used by dates of March 31, 2022 or earlier.

The products may contain an undeclared allergen.

woman in pain clutching stomach

The Picket Fence Products, which were distributed in Iowa and sold through retail stores, were pulled from the market after it was discovered that they may contain wheat that's not disclosed on either product's ingredients list.

Wheat is one of the Big 8, a group of the eight most common food allergens, and must be clearly labeled on any packaged food products subject to FDA regulation, as per the Food Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004.

"People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to wheat run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products," the recall notice states. No illnesses or adverse effects related to consumption of either product had been reported at the time the recall was announced.

If you have either product at home, here's what to do.

Man making a phone call outdoors.

If you purchased either the recalled taco cheese curds or key lime pie ice cream and have a wheat allergy or sensitivity, do not consume them.

If you have questions about the recall or would like to request a refund, contact Jill at Picket Fence Creamery at 515-438-2697 between 8 a.m. at 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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