Bizarre Moment Drunk Driver's Car Flies Through Air, Lands in Street, in Front of Michigan Police Office

“Who knew cars could do a cartwheel?”

Police dash cam captured the moment a drunk driver lost control of their car as it flipped over several times before landing right in front of a police cruiser. The incident happened in Lansing, Michigan, and the police department posted the video online as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of drinking and driving.

"Sometimes a drunk driving arrest will land right in front of you… literally," they said. Here's what the video shows and what the police said about the driver of the car.

Car Flying Through the Air

Lansing Police Department/Facebook

It's unclear how fast the car was going when the driver lost control, but judging by the number of times it flipped over, it must have been going at some speed. The incident took place at night, and according to the Lansing police department, the driver was not seriously injured.

Arrested For DUI


The police department posted the dash cam footage on their Facebook page, saying the driver has been arrested for DUI. "Sometimes a drunk driving arrest will land right in front of you… literally… Driver somehow only suffered minor injuries & was arrested for DUI," they captioned the video.

Lucky Break

Lansing Police Department/Facebook

The police emphasized how lucky it was that the driver didn't hurt anyone and escaped mostly unharmed. "This could've been a tragic outcome. There is zero excuse to get behind the wheel drunk. Report drunk drivers by calling 911."

Public Response


Commenters were thankful no one was seriously injured. "And people say that there is never a cop around when you need one! Wild video. Don't drink and drive folks! Glad the driver was ok," read a comment from the Bath Township Police Department in Michigan. 

Cartwheeling Car

Lansing Police Department/Facebook

Other commenters were surprised property wasn't damaged, considering how close the car was flipping to houses on the street. "Wow he's so close to all those front porches😱 glad no one was seriously hurt," one commenter said. "Who knew cars could do a cartwheel?" said another.

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