5 Things You Shouldn't Buy From Walmart This Weekend, Experts Say

If you want to save money, you're better off leaving these on the shelf.

Walmart may be known for its steep discounts on everything from clothing to electronics to personal care products, but not every deal at the big box retailer is as good as it seems. In fact, if you want to save your money, there are a number of items you're better off leaving on the shelf. Before you waste your hard-earned cash, read on to discover what experts say you don't want to buy at Walmart this weekend.

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rack of swimsuits in store
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If you're eager to get a new swimsuit for summer, the month of June isn't the best time to do so. "As the season for beaches and swimming comes around, the prices for swimsuits at Walmart rise and may cost you a lot more than their actual price," explains Andrew Priobrazhenskyi, CEO of online savings site DiscountReactor.

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Frozen food

hand opening freezer case in supermarket

Want to save some cash when you go grocery shopping this weekend? You should opt for non-perishables and fresh items instead of frozen foods at Walmart. "Frozen food items are high in demand in summers, hence their prices will go up in June," says Priobrazhenskyi.

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Outdoor furniture

patio area in the backyard of a house

While it may be tempting to outfit your outdoor space in time for Fourth of July gatherings, doing so now may cost you a pretty penny. "If you haven't already bought your outdoor furniture before June, you're probably too late now. Nearly everybody with a lawn is going to Walmart to buy some nice patio furniture. This increased demand jacks up the prices," explains Amber Kong, an expert with Credit Donkey.

"The best time to buy furniture would be the end of July, when the season is changing and discounts are up," adds Kong.


The girl uses a new cell phone with a triple camera.

Upgrading your phone at Walmart this June may mean you're not getting the most bang for your buck.

"Apple releases new models every September, and as soon as those come out, the demand for previous models is going to fall, and you'll find several discount offers on your preferred model," says Kong.

Fourth of July gear

walmart july 4th or independence day decorations

Thinking of stocking up on Independence Day gear before the holiday weekend rolls around? If you want to get the most for your money, wait just a few weeks to do so.

NerdWallet reports that major retailers typically discount their patriotic items in the few days before the Fourth of July, meaning that a little patience can result in a big payoff if you don't buy those red, white, and blue decorations at Walmart this weekend.

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