Man Dressed Like Christmas Tree Slashes Tires of 21 Vehicles Belonging to a Meat Warehouse

A reward has been offered for information about the suspect.

A man disguised as a Christmas tree slashed the tires of 21 vehicles belonging to a meat warehouse—and now police are on the hunt for the suspect. The man was seen loitering near the warehouse in Warzymice, in northwest Poland, and covered himself in tree branches to avoid detection. He then broke into the property and damaged several tires by puncturing them. "In my opinion, this was more of a guerilla [action] than a well-prepared operation," said warehouse representative Mateusz Watral. "Along the way, he lost his 'camouflage.' Branches were scattered everywhere." Here's what we know so far.

Grinch Behavior

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According to Watral, the man was recorded on a security camera hanging around the warehouse. He then had the bright idea of covering himself with tree branches in an effort to avoid suspicion and detection. It's believed he knew there were security cameras and thought this would be a good way to hide his identity. Keep reading to learn more and see the security footage.

Inept Criminal


The tree-wearing suspect allegedly cut a hole in the fence at around 1 am and gained access to the warehouse parking lot, where he went to work puncturing the tires of 21 vehicles, including minibusses. He lost many of his tree branches in the process, leading Watral to suspect the man didn't really think his vandalism through.

Reward Offered


Madar, the company which owns the warehouse, believes the suspect caused over $13,000 worth of damage and is offering a $1,100 reward for information leading to his capture. They hope that the released CCTV footage will help the man be identified by the public, and someone might "recognize him by the way he moves," Watral says.

Evidence Left Behind


Local police have confirmed the man left other clues behind—footprints from large military-style boots and even blood. It's not confirmed yet just how the man wounded himself during the incident, but all evidence has been secured.

Why Did He Do It?


Police are still investigating why the crime happened and what his motivation was in puncturing the tires. Comments on the footage, which has been uploaded to YouTube, mock the man's disguise. "So this is the Grinch, in reality, 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍🌲🎅," one commenter says. 

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