Charlie Puth Fires Back at Body Shamers Over Shirtless Paparazzi Photos

After being snapped by photographers leaving the gym, the singer took to Twitter.

Celebrities are hardly immune to unsolicited comments on their bodies, even when they're just going about their lives—and often times, those comments are not exactly kind. Now, one star is calling out body shamers over shirtless paparazzi photos of himself that recently hit the internet. Pop star Charlie Puth took to Instagram to address the bullying he's been on the receiving end of lately. Keep reading to find out what Puth had to say, and for another celebrity who's had enough, check out Jonah Hill Gets Real About Body Shaming After Tabloid Prints Beach Photos.

Paparazzi caught Puth leaving the gym last week without his shirt on.

Charlie Puth beach Instagram

As Buzzfeed reports, photographers captured Puth walking to his car in sweat shorts, a backwards baseball cap, and tennis shoes, holding his t-shirt in his hand. The "See You Again" singer is seen talking on the phone and also carrying a water bottle, having just finished a workout.

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Puth shot back at body shamers calling their actions "not cool."

Charlie Puth in 2020
Ron Adar/Shutterstock

The photos quickly hit the internet, and while plenty of his fans were happy to see new shots of the artist, trolls also came out of the woodwork. On Mar. 19, Puth responded to critics of the way he looks on Twitter, writing: "Hey just a very quick reminder that it's not cool to body shame anyone. Not entirely sure what the purpose of it is. Sorry I don't have an 8 pack."

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He's said he doesn't work out just so he can look a certain way.

Charlie Puth shirtless window selfie on Instagram

Speaking to Men's Health in 2019, Puth talked about his attitude towards wellness and exercise and how it's most important to him to build his confidence and clear his head. "I found that when I started working out, my music-making process got better, because I think my mind was less crowded," the star said. He also shared that he wasn't chasing physical perfection.

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Fans were quick to show their support of the star.

Charlie Puth performing in 2019

Fans were quick to praise Puth for his anti-body shaming message and to show their support of him. Some even replied to his tweet with their own insecurities and the features they've been bullied for, showing solidarity.

The next day, Puth tweeted, "I miss you always," seemingly directed at his fans. They responded by making "WE LOVE YOU CHARLIE" trend on Twitter. The singer shared a screenshot of the trending topic and wrote, "This was a very nice thing to see. Love to all of you this made my day," with a smile/cry emoji.

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