Former E! Star Reveals Delta Variant Symptoms After Being Fully Vaccinated

"Delta is relentless and highly contagious and grabbed ahold of me even after getting vaccinated."

While the COVID vaccines approved for use in the U.S. have been proven to be highly effective, experts have noted from the get-go that there would be some breakthrough cases, in which fully vaccinated people get the virus. Recently, former E! star Catt Sadler revealed that she contracted COVID despite being vaccinated. Sadler also got candid about the uncomfortable symptoms she's been experiencing with her breakthrough COVID case. Read on to see what the TV personality is dealing with.

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Catt Sadler shared the symptoms of her breakthrough COVID infection.

"I'm fully vaccinated, and I have COVID," Sadler revealed to her Instagram followers on July 13. "I'm telling you this so that you understand that the pandemic is very much NOT over. Delta is relentless and highly contagious and grabbed ahold of me even after getting vaccinated." She then went on to detail the symptoms she's been experiencing.

"Two days of a fever now. Head throbbing. Extreme congestion," Sadler said. She also noted a more peculiar symptom: "some weird [pus] coming out of my eye." Additionally, she's experiencing "serious fatigue; no energy to even leave the bed."

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Sadler said she assumed she would be safe because she was vaccinated.

Catt Sadler

Like many people, Sadler believed that the vaccine would fully protect her from infection. "I assumed I would be fine. Well, I'm not," she wrote. "I'm one of many breakthrough cases that we are seeing more of each and every day." While the vaccines are highly protective, no shot is 100 percent effective at preventing any infection. Additionally, the vaccines have shown a slight dip in efficacy in the face of the highly infectious Delta variant.

A study from Public Health England (PHE) found that Pfizer was 88 percent effective against symptomatic disease from the variant after two doses, which is a drop from its 95 percent efficacy against the original strain of COVID. Moderna recently reported that there's a "modest reduction in neutralizing titer" against Delta when compared to its efficacy against the original COVID. And Johnson & Johnson also shows a slight drop in its protective abilities. While this reduced efficacy might mean you decide to be extra careful as the variant spreads, it's important to remember that the vaccines are still highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death from the virus.

Most breakthrough cases have mild or no symptoms.

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Sadler noted that, "They said 'you shouldn't have severe symptoms at least.'" While the TV personality said her symptoms "are not mild," experts say that most people who get COVID after being fully vaccinated have little to no symptoms. At a July 12 press briefing, World Health Organization (WHO) chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said that most breakthrough infections are mild or asymptomatic cases.

If you do get a symptomatic case of COVID after being vaccinated, the symptoms may vary slightly from a regular case of COVID. According to the ZOE COVID Symptom study, the most common symptoms among fully vaccinated people are headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and loss of smell.

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Sadler warns that you should still be cautious after vaccination.

Catt Sadler

Sadler explained that she got COVID after caring for someone who had the virus, which she thought was the flu at the time. Although Sadler said she wore a mask while caring for the unvaccinated person, she still came in close enough contact with the virus to contract it. She warns followers to continue to be careful.

"If you are not vaccinated and not wearing a mask, I assure you you don't want to feel like this, and not only are you bound to get sick eventually, you'll be spreading it to others," Sadler said. "If you are vaccinated, don't let your guard down. If you're in crowds or indoors in public, I highly recommend taking the extra precaution of wearing a mask."

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