This Company Wants to Pay You $78,000 a Year to Taste Candy While Sitting on Your Couch

Do you have stomach for it?

Talk about sugar shock: A Canadian company is offering a $78,000 yearly salary (work from home) to someone who's in charge of sampling its offerings. Who is this latter-day Willy Wonka, and what's the catch? Read on to determine if you qualify for the job (and if you can stomach it).

The Job: Chief Candy Officer

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Candy Funhouse is an online confectionery retailer whose stock includes chocolate bars, licorice, and gummies. The business is currently seeking a Chief Candy Officer—a position that pays $78,000 a year ($100,000 Canadian) to taste its products. The job is remote, with the option to live in Toronto or Newark, New Jersey. 

"We believe that candy is universal and that the sweetness of enjoying a special treat unites us all. No matter where you are from, candy is a language of FUN that we all speak and can relate to," the job posting says. 

If you're interested, you need to apply by Aug. 31.

CCO Will Lead "Candy Board Meetings"

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According to the job description posted on LinkedIn, the position's responsibilities include: "leading candy board meetings, being the head taste tester … and all things fun." The ideal candidate will "love all things candy and chocolate" and be "passionate about confectionary treats and exploring unreleased and existing products."

"The candidate will be put through extensive palate training," says the listing, which notes that the position comes with "an extensive dental plan."

Several thousand people have already applied for the job, CEO Jamal Hejazi told CNN. "Imagine your best memories around candy, and having that every day at work," he said.

No Minimum Age Limit

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The position can be held by someone as young as five. Parents can apply on behalf of their children to lead the company's "candyologists," the company said in an Instagram post. 

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What Is Candy Funhouse?

Candy Funhouse
Candy Funhouse

Headquartered outside of Toronto, Candy Funhouse is run by a group of siblings in their 20s and 30s whose parents owned a local restaurant and donut shops. CNN reports that the company carries a "weird" mix of products, and has no minimum order requirement — "we'll sell one lollipop," said Hejazi. The company's 2021 sales were about $15 million.

Potential Pitfalls Observed

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"Sounds fun, but this job should come with a gym membership, full medical care and preventive diabetes testing," noted one Redditor. "I don't know. Some candy just isn't tasty,"  said another. I dont want to hang out all day eating sweethearts, Peeps and those foil-wrapped chocolates. And what if I only want Australian licorice? Oh, who am I kidding this job sounds great."

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