Builder Knocked Out by Pee Bottle Dropped From Crane and Hospitalized

It's a part of a bigger problem.

An unlucky builder was knocked unconscious when a bottle full of urine was dropped on his head from a 50-meter crane in Worthing, UK. The man was on a job site constructing a new health facility with his team when the freak accident occurred. "Somebody in the crane did something they're not supposed to," a witness told The Argus UK. That's putting it mildly!

A Very Unfortunate Accident

First aid support accident at work of construction worker at site.

According to Sussex Police, the Health and Safety Executive will be investigating the incident to find out exactly how the bottle of pee was dropped and who is responsible. "Police were called about 5.30 pm on Friday 29 July, after a man was struck by a falling object at a building site in Richmond Road, Worthing," a police spokesman said. "The man reported suffering from neck pain and was taken to hospital as a precaution."

An Investigation Is Launched

Businessman and businesswoman using see plan paper at construction site

The construction company Galliford Try acknowledged the pee-bottle incident did happen. "As a responsible contractor, health and safety is Galliford Try's number one priority," said a company spokesperson. "We can confirm that an incident took place on our site at Worthing on Friday. Investigations are currently underway."

Will the Urinating Culpit Be Caught?

plastic bottle with urine

It's unclear if the worker responsible for the illicit urination has been identified yet. "HSE is aware of the incident and making enquiries," says spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive.

Why Are Construction Workers Peeing In Bottles?

Contstruction Site from above

This isn't the first time construction workers have been associated with "pee bottles"—a couple from Bridgend, South Wales were appalled to find bottles full of urine left under their bath after builders had been at work in their new home. "It's an absolute disgrace," Graham Crowley-Miller, 29, told The Sun. "We were so excited about moving in and it's been nothing but months of pain. There's an endless list of things that need fixing but the three bottles of urine under the bath really was disgusting. Why anyone would do such a thing is beyond me."

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Urine Bottles In the Walls

Worker man going to the bathroom portable

An investigation by Idaho's KTVB7 discovered construction workers regularly left urine-filled bottles in homes and work sites: "One worker who spends most of his work hours at CBH construction sites estimates he finds urine-filled bottles in one out of every four homes where portable toilets are not available. Next door, one such bottle was found in a crawl space of the CBH home a woman is going to live in. NewsChannel 7 had the contents tested by Minert & Associates, a federally regulated drug-testing lab in Meridian. The lab confirmed that the liquid in the bottle was human urine. It also tested positive for marijuana." 

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