If You Bought This on Amazon, Stop Using It Immediately, Authorities Say

The product presents a potentially life-threatening safety risk.

When you need a particular product in a hurry, there are few places easier to find what you're looking for than Amazon. With just a few clicks, you can locate practically any item, purchase it, and know that it will arrive at your doorstep days later. However, with so many products available, some occasionally fall through the cracks when it comes safety. Unfortunately, that's the case with one Amazon exclusive product that's being pulled from the market, and authorities are telling anyone who has one at home to stop using it immediately. Read on to find out if your Amazon purchases are affected and what to do if you have the recalled product at home.

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A bath seat sold on Amazon has been recalled.

blue plastic baby bath seat on white background
Courtesy of Frieyss

On Aug. 19, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that Frieyss had recalled approximately 120 of its infant bath seats. The seats were sold exclusively on Amazon between March 2021 and April 2021 for approximately $40.

The affected bath seats are made of blue plastic, have four green suction cups at the bottom, and have stickers picturing a sun, clouds, a lion, and a squirrel holding two balloons on their front consoles. Further identifiers of the recalled seat include a sticker on the packaging with barcode number X002RAO6GV and the words "Baby Shower Chair…Made in China" and the words "Pull rubber tab below to release suction pads from bath" stamped on the underside of the seat.

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The bath seat was pulled from the market over drowning concerns.

young man bathing baby in white tub

The recall of the bath seat was initiated after it was discovered that it failed to comply with federal standards.

The seats specifically did not meet requirements for its leg openings or stability, and the CPSC cautions that the seats may tip, potentially putting the infants inside them at risk for drowning.

If you have the bath seat at home, stop using it now.

yellow rubber duck perched on ledge of bathtub

If you are in possession of the recalled bath seat, the CPSC recommends that you "immediately stop" using it.

Anyone who purchased the affected seat can contact Frieyss at beimeiruizexin@outlook.com to receive information on how to return the product and get a refund. The company is also reaching out to individuals who purchased the seat.

This isn't the first Amazon exclusive product recall in recent months.

kid in white bathrobe with towel on hair
Shutterstock/Natali Brillianata

A number of Amazon exclusive products targeted at children have been pulled from the market this summer over safety concerns.

On July 28, approximately 6,000 pairs of kids' pajamas sold exclusively on Amazon were recalled due to their failure to comply with federal flammability standards. In June, multiple nightgowns and robes sold exclusively on Amazon were recalled for the same reason. Earlier that month, an Amazon exclusive toy was also pulled from the market after it was discovered that components of the toy contained elevated lead levels.

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