Alligator Surprises Kids at Middle School Drop Off, Soon Caught by Trapper

Kids were greeted with a 7-foot alligator. 

Anyone who has visited or lived in Florida is well aware that in addition to 21 million people, the southern state is home to a whole lot of alligators. And, considering there are about 1.3 million of the reptiles swimming and strolling around, it's nearly impossible to visit the sunshine state without encountering at least one out in the wild. Some people find them in their backyards or pools. Others stumble upon them at golf courses. You can even find them scattered around Disney Resorts. And, according to a new report, some gators are hanging out at schools. 

Sheriff Carmine Marceno Tweeted About the Incident

Sheriff Carmine Marceno/Twitter

According to Sheriff Carmine Marceno, students at the Lexington Middle School were greeted at drop off by none other than a 7-foot alligator. He discussed the reptile's school visit in a tweet. Keep reading to see the video.

A Video Was Shared of the Gator's Capture

Sheriff Carmine Marceno/Twitter

"See you later alligator," the Florida Sheriff captioned a video shared to Twitter of the alligator being tied up and removed from the school. According to the sheriff's office the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission then took the gator, and then relocated him to a safe area. 

The Gator Came in the AM

Sheriff Carmine Marceno/Twitter

The gator visited the kids in the morning. "This 7 ft. gator greeted students during drop-off at Lexington Middle School this morning!" another tweet read. "SRO K9 handler Jennings,a former gator trapper, wrangled the visitor. The alligator was taken by FWC where it will be relocated to a safe area," a tweet read. 

The Sheriff Wrestled with the Gator

Sheriff Carmine Marceno/Twitter

In the video, Jennings kneels over the giant alligator and tries to hold down his arms. He also holds the body, holding his hands on the gator's snout. And then kneeling, he held the jaws shut while another officer helped him out. 

Parents Were Shocked

Sheriff Carmine Marceno/Twitter

Parents were shocked to see that their children were visited by the large reptile. "Oh my…That's where my son goes to school! Thank you Lee Sheriff's and FWC for watching out for our kids and getting this gator back to a more suitable habitat," a Twitter user commented. 

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