Aldi Is Recalling This Product for a Choking Hazard, FDA Says

The items were pulled from shelves after customers filed complaints.

Picking up your groceries at Aldi is an everyday errand for millions of people in the U.S. After all, the discount supermarket company currently operates more than 2,100 stores across 37 states. But if you've recently picked up some items from the grocer, you may want to double-check your pantry: Aldi just announced it was recalling a product it carries. Read on to see what's been pulled from shelves—and what you should do if you've purchased it.

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Aldi is recalling cat and dog advent calendars it sold in its stores.

On Jan. 4, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Pet Brands Products voluntarily recalled its Pure Being Cat Advent Calendars and Pure Being Dog Advent Calendars sold at Aldi stores.

The affected items were sold in 5.15-ounce boxes with UPCs 4099100267754 and 4099100267747 for cats and dogs, respectively. The notice clarifies that no other Aldi products are affected by the recall.

The supermarket chain pulled the items from shelves due to a potential choking hazard.

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According to the FDA's notice, the products in question were recalled "out of an abundance of caution" when a potential choking hazard was discovered.

"After receiving a small number of customer complaints and discussion with the supplier, Aldi immediately removed the affected products from stores," the company wrote.

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Anyone who purchased the products should throw them away or return them for a refund.

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If you've purchased either of the recalled calendars, the company urges you to stop using them and throw them out immediately. Aldi is also offering a full refund for any customers who return the product to the store where they purchased it.

Customers with any questions or concerns can call Pet Brands for more information.

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In its notice, Aldi says that it "sincerely regrets any inconvenience and concern this voluntary recall may cause." The company urges any customers with questions about the affected products to contact Pet Brands Products' Customer Service hotline at 866-396-3647 for more information.

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