A Couple Who Won a Stunning $3.3 Million Mansion Are Now Selling it for $4.4 Million Just Weeks Later

Winner "never dreamed" of the prize, but…

Booming demand and a lack of supply have made the real estate market a seller's dream since the pandemic started, but a pair of British property flippers are taking things to the next level: Just weeks after winning a $3.3 million mansion, they've put it on the market for $4.4 million. Read on to find out why. 

Contest Brings Property Windfall


Uttam and Raki Parmar of Leicester, UK, won the mansion as part of the Omaze Million Pound House Draw in August. Uttam paid about $30 to enter the contest, as he had several times before. This time, he emerged victorious, winning a $3.3 million mansion in Cornwall with four bedrooms and panoramic views. The couple was also awarded nearly $56,000 to help them settle in.

Winner "Never Dreamed" Of the Prize, But …


"Patience really is a virtue, as I've now won my own piece of paradise," said Uttam, 58, when he won the property. "I've always considered myself a lucky person, firstly because of my wonderful family—but I've also won a few bits such as a TV and coffee table—which I was pretty happy with to be honest. I never dreamed I'd win anything as extravagant as a three-million-pound-house."

Why They're Selling


But eight weeks later, the winners have put the property on the market. The listing price: $4.4 million. Why? They couldn't afford to maintain the place. "It is a fantastic house in a beautiful Cornish location but the price of it comes with a price to keep it and we can't afford to," Uttam told the Daily Mail. "We are selling it and not keeping it as a holiday home. We considered moving there and staying there but with all the costs, etc., it was a lot, so we decided to sell it."

What They'd Like to Buy Instead


The patriarch said he spent some time in the house with his wife and son "chilling out" before they decided it wasn't for them—they would prefer to stay in their current home and potentially purchase a smaller property. "The Cornish people have been extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. The house and location really is stunning," he said. "We've enjoyed a fantastic summer here as a family, but we've decided to sell and use the money for our future. It's been a life-changing win for our family." 

"I hope it sells for £4million, but let's see," he told the Daily Mail

What House Includes

Gordon Ramsay

The 4,200-square-foot house sits on five acres of land and includes a large open-plan kitchen and dining area. Outdoor space includes a terrace, hot tub, and courtyard with exposed brick walls and an open fireplace. Real estate agents estimate it could fetch more than $16,000 a month in rent. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is said to be a neighbor.

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