If You Have These 4 New Symptoms, You Likely Have COVID, Study Finds

New research from the U.K. has added more warning signs to the list of possible maladies.

At this point in the pandemic, most people have become aware of the major symptoms to watch out for that could mean you've been infected with the coronavirus—if you ever even develop them at all. But even though it's important to stay vigilant for any signs of fever, fatigue, or loss of smell, the list of likely warning signs actually appears to be longer than we previously thought. According to new research out of Imperial College London, there's a new set of symptoms that could mean you likely have COVID. Read on to see which signs you should be mindful of, and for the symptom that could be flying under the radar, check out If You're Over 65, You Could Be Missing This COVID Symptom, Study Says.

New research led by Imperial College London and released by the Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) Study included data from more than a million patients in the U.K. While close to 60 percent of patients were asymptomatic, the range of maladies among symptomatic cases was actually wider than the classic set that has been previously identified, which includes loss of sense of smell and taste, fever, and a new persistent dry cough.

"These new findings suggest many people with COVID-19 won't be getting tested—and therefore won't be self-isolating—because their symptoms don't match those used in current public health guidance to help identify infected people," Paul Elliott, PhD, director of the REACT program at Imperial College, said in a statement. "I hope that our findings on the most informative symptoms mean that the testing program can take advantage of the most up-to-date evidence, helping to identify more infected people."

So, what are the new symptoms that could mean you have COVID? Read on to see what the study found, and for more on indicators that you might need serious attention, check out If You Have One of These Symptoms, the CDC Says Go to the Hospital Now.


Senior man suffering from headache at home
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Patients who experienced this symptom: 24.2 percent

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Muscle aches

Woman suffering back pain

Patients who experienced this symptom: 16.0 percent

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Woman home sick with fever covered in blanket
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Patients who experienced this symptom: 11.7 percent

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Loss of appetite

Senior woman having lack of appetite
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Patients who experienced this symptom: 11.5 percent

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