New Study Says Older Men Want Women to Make the First Move

Is it laziness—or a brave new world?

While we believe the youth of today to be fairly egalitarian in their dating techniques, the assumption is that men and women over 50 are pretty set in their old-fashioned ways, meaning they expect men pull out chairs and open car doors, pay for dinner, and make the first move. But according to a survey by 50more, an online dating community for active 50+ singles, only two of those statements are still true.

The online dating site surveyed over 4,000 of its users and found that when it comes to chivalrous gestures, their users are almost evenly divided regarding whether or not to be modern in their approach to taking a girl out or bust out some 1967 moves.

72% of men and 44% of women believe that a man should pay for the check, and 64% of men and 57% of women believe that a man should still open the door and such for a woman on a date. However, what was truly surprising is that 54% of women and a whopping 90% of men think that a woman should make the first move in a romantic relationship. That's certainly a stark contrast to what most of our grandparents teach us. (In my house growing up, I was even't allowed to call a boy in order to get the class homework assignment, because my parents believed that girls don't chase boys.)

This difference in opinion might just indicate that the shift to give women more agency in their love lives affects more than just the younger generation. It's also interesting to consider in light of this month's #datechallenge, a viral campaign that challenged women to ask men out on dates.

Granted, in this case, it didn't work very well, as most women seemed to get brutally rejected, thereby putting a wet blanket on the idea that society had progressed to a stage where a woman could make the first move and expect an even 50/50 chance of a positive outcome.

I mean, forget dating, some people were just seriously rude.

Though it did work for some which is promising.

And JLo was the one who made the first move with the love of her life, A-Rod, to create the power couple that is J-Rod. Now, these findings from 50more give all women who don't want to just sit around by the phone all day waiting for him to call another reason to hope.

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