New Research Says Men Are Clueless About the Sex Lives of Women

Men wildly overestimate the number of sexual partners women have.

Recently, a study came out revealing that both men and women inaccurately assume that when a woman wears a lot of makeup, that means she's on the lookout for casual sex. Now, a new survey indicates just how woefully uneducated men are about the sex lives of women.

On September 6, the global market research and consulting firm Ipsos released a book entitled The Perils of Perception – Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything.

Based off of 3,465 interviews on misperception, the book concludes that people in the UK and America "think their young people are much more sexually active than the reality."

Apparently, men in the UK think that women aged 18-29 have sex 22 times a month in Britain and 23 times a month in the U.S. The actual average is much closer to only five times a month. And while women were more conservative and realistic in their estimations, predicting that the average amount of sexual activity for women in both countries was about 12 times a month, that's still much higher than reality.

People were far more accurate in guessing the number of sexual partners one may have had, as the estimate was that one would achieve an average of 17 to 19 partners by the time they were 45 to 54.

But the data also suggests that even though it is 2018, men and women are still lying about the frequency of their sexual encounters. Women claim to have half of the heterosexual partners that men do, which means the math just doesn't add up.

According to the book, the disparity can likely be credited to a "mix of men's rougher and readier adding up, combined with men's conscious or unconscious bumping up of their figure, and women's tendency to deflate theirs. It seems that the most reasonable conclusion is that men up their number a bit, women downplay theirs a bit more, and we actually reveal something close to the truth when guessing for 'other people.'"

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