This State's Governor Just Urged Residents "Not to Travel" Due to COVID

Based on recent figures, New Jersey now qualifies for the quarantine list it helped create.

The initial lockdown during the early days of the COVID pandemic was an unprecedented move taken to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus. And while difficult sacrifices were able to bring down infection numbers in most parts of the country, the U.S. is beginning to see cases rise drastically once again. Now, state officials are beginning to take action in an effort to avert larger outbreaks, including one that had long been in the clear. Gov. Phil Murphy just urged New Jersey residents not to travel due to a COVID surge currently underway there, CNN reports. Read on to find out more about the recent warning, and for signs that you may have battled the coronavirus, check out If You Can't Do This, You May Have Had COVID, New Study Finds.

The warning came during a press conference on Oct. 19 when Murphy was asked about the state's most recent seven-day new daily case average, which is 912 per day, representing a 37 percent increase from two weeks earlier, according to data from The New York Times. The news also came as New Jersey's overall case numbers topped 1,000 for the second day in a row.

"My advice is not to travel, frankly, regardless of where you're going," Murphy told reporters. "I would prefer they don't travel and I don't mean commuting into work and back—although there is a lot less of that than there was eight months ago—but I mean just as a general matter."

Based on its current COVID figures, New Jersey itself now qualifies to be added to the list of states whose residents are required to quarantine when they visit New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. States are added to the list after posting a positive COVID test rate of 10 percent or higher over seven days or an average daily number of cases higher than 10 per 100,000 people over a seven-day period. As of Oct. 19, New Jersey is reporting 10.3 cases per 100,000 people and a 3.5 percent positive test rate, according to Covid Act Now. While New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he wouldn't institute a quarantine for the Garden State, New Jersey has been added to Vermont's and Massachusetts' quarantine lists, according to Murphy.

While Murphy was quick to clarify that his COVID travel warning did not signal a full shutdown for New Jersey, he said that "everything remains on the table" when it comes to potential COVID response options.

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Seven-day average of new daily COVID cases: 294 per 100,000 people


The skyline of Milwaukee, Wisconsin at sunset

Seven-day average of new daily COVID cases: 296 per 100,000 people


street in livingston montana

Seven-day average of new daily COVID cases: 382 per 100,000 people

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South Dakota

rapid city south dakota

Seven-day average of new daily COVID cases: 532 per 100,000 people

North Dakota

fargo north dakota

Seven-day average of new daily COVID cases: 619 per 100,000 people

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