The U.S. Just Hit a Bleak Coronavirus Milestone

We just logged our highest daily total of new cases since April—and third-highest ever.

Reopening is in full swing in many states across the country, but increasingly alarming statistics underline that the coronavirus pandemic is still far from over. As restaurants, salons, and stores open their doors, certain states are seeing their amounts of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to COVID-19 rise dramatically. On Tuesday, the country hit a bleak milestone: According to The New York Times, June 23 marked the highest total of new daily cases since April. It was also the third-highest single-day total since the pandemic began.

A staggering 35,023 new cases were logged in the U.S. on June 23, up from 30,451 the day before, and 26,373 on Sunday. Among the worst-hit areas are Texas, with 5,020 new cases on Tuesday, and California, with 6,419—both of these numbers are records for the states. Overall, more than 20 states are seeing their numbers climb, while states that were more affected earlier in the pandemic have seen lockdown measures successfully slow the rate of infection and are now either at a low plateau, such as New York and New Jersey, or on a steady decline, such as Vermont and Maryland.

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The Times notes that an increase in testing capacity may explain some of the surge but not all. In some states, like Florida, the percentage of positive cases is rising—not just the number. Per CBS News, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged that reality as well, and has responded to the statistics by promising to enforce social distancing in opened businesses. He did not indicate that Florida is considering requiring mask-wearing in public or return to lockdown. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has urged citizens to remain inside their homes unless it's absolutely necessary for them to go out, per KBTX-News; he also hinted that further measures may be taken statewide to combat the number of new infections.

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As of right now, at 36,739, April 24 is still the date with the highest number of new U.S. coronavirus cases. But the June 23 total is only about 1,700 case behind that record. And for more on areas dealing with increases, here are 9 States Where Coronavirus Cases Are Doubling Every Three Weeks.


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