This Is Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple AirPods This Year, Insider Says

You may want to wait if you're going to make this popular purchase.

For tech lovers, there is no bigger heartbreak than spending your money on an item just to find out that there's a newer version rolling out shortly thereafter. And that's exactly why, if you have your eyes on some new AirPods from Apple, you should hold off. As one insider told Bloomberg, Apple will reportedly be releasing updated AirPods next year. Read on to find out more about the new AirPods, and for other news from this tech giant you may have missed, find out which Two Things Your iPhone Will Never Come With Ever Again.

Apple is reportedly releasing two new AirPods next year.

AirPods case and box

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on two new AirPod models slated for next year: third-generation entry-level AirPods and the second version of the AirPods Pro earbuds. According to Bloomberg's inside source, there has already been internal discussion at Apple about releasing the new entry-level AirPods during the first half of 2021. And for more news about another Apple product, check out There's One Big Problem With the New iPhone, Users Say.

The updated entry-level AirPods will be similar to the current AirPods Pro.

old entry level AirPods

The updated entry-level AirPods will reportedly have a shorter stem, replaceable ear tips, and improved battery life—which is actually pretty similar to the current AirPods Pro. However, this updated version will still be separated from the higher-end models because it won't have key AirPods Pro features like noise-cancellation. And for more news from this tech company, find out The Beloved Product Apple Is No Longer Selling.

And the updated AirPods Pro are being made more compact.

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As for the updated AirPods Pro, Bloomberg reports that Apple is looking to make them more compact by eliminating the stem. Instead, the current design in testing features a more rounded product, like other wireless earphone models from Samsung and Google. And for news about Apple and more, sign up for our daily newsletter.

However, this could impact key AirPods Pro features.

Paris, France - Oct 30, 2019: Overhead view of woman hands unboxing new Apple Computers AirPods Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound - a chip with serious chops

Since they are still in development, plans for the new models have not yet been finalized. But according to Bloomberg's inside source, Apple is finding it hard to integrate noise-cancellation, airless antennas, and microphones into a more compact AirPods Pro design. This "could result in a less ambitious design when the product is finalized," Bloomberg notes. And for other retail news that should be on your radar, Walmart Is Bringing Back the One Thing Customers Have Missed Most.

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