This Secret Trick Will Make Sure You Never Have to Shovel Again

Plus, it'll turn your yard into a bona fide winter wonderland.

man shoveling snow wd40 uses

The winter solstice only just passed, but, already, parts of the country are completely snowed in. Erie, Pennsylvania, for example, experienced a record-breaking amount of snowfall this week, as it was buried in 34 inches of snow on Monday. Talk about a white Christmas.

On Tuesday, it experienced even more snow, bringing the total tally to a whopping 63 inches. Now that the storm has finally ceased, people are going to have to set about completing one of the most dreaded winter tasks: Shoveling every flake out of their yards. Luckily, if you're one of the many people who got pounded by snow, we've got a life hack for you that will save you loads of time and energy, not to mention impress your guests.

As YouTube user Joshua Jordan shows in the video below, it's actually possible to roll snow up like a carpet if you pack it properly. Yep, that's it—just treat the snow like it's a carpet, and roll away. In addition to saving your back a lot of damage, it has the decorative result of peppering your front yard with beautiful snow-stacks in the heart of winter.

Be aware though that the snow needs to be wet and heavy, rather than light and powdery, for this to work, and the snow depth has to be reasonably shallow. If you don't believe us, just watch the video below. And for more ways to life your best life this frigid season, don't miss the 25 Superfoods That Will Prevent Winter Weight Gain.

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