Netflix Accidentally Uses Wrong "Marie Kondo" Image and Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

"Either there’s a Netflix glitch or Marie Kondo’s methods have escalated."

If you haven't already seen Netflix's new show "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," you absolutely must. Watching the world-famous Japanese organization consultant come into people's homes and radically transform their lives through the magic of decluttering is about as feel-good as it gets. It's inspiring tons of people to get off their couches and try the KonMari method for themselves. In the process, Kondo has become an enormous celebrity, and largely because of her ultra calm and positive disposition.

And, soon, people started making jokes about how sweet and serene she seems to be in any situation as well.

Which is probably what made one recent glitch on Netflix especially hilarious. On Sunday, British etiquette expert and social commentator William Hanson tweeted out a photo of the background that appeared to promote Kondo's show: a hooded gunman wielding an AK-47. His caption read like a great one-liner from Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update:" "Either there's a Netflix glitch or Marie Kondo's methods have escalated."

The tweet went massively viral, with over 45,000 retweets in just two days. And the memes inevitably rolled in.

Like, can't you just imagine her as the darling leader of a military uprising in a dystopian future?

It would be like The Hunger Games, where the victor is the one who can fold socks in precisely the correct manner.

Of course, this is all in good fun. But it's also not the first time Netflix has had a hilarious glitch.

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Diana Bruk
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