These Nestlé Products Have Just Been Recalled, FDA Says

Four trail mixes made by Nestlé brand Nature’s Heart are being pulled from shelves, the FDA announced.

Whether you're a lover of Kirkland Signature products at Costco, a devotee of Aldi's many private labels, or a fan of classic American brands like Campbell's or Kraft, there's a good change you like to stick with names you know when it comes to grocery shopping. But recently, one well-known brand, the one and only Nestlé, issued a recall over four of its products, which could put consumers at risk. Read on to learn more about the new recall and what you should do if you have any of the affected foods at home.

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Nestlé is recalling four varieties of Nature's Heart fruit and trail mix. 

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You may know Nestlé best as the maker of coffee and chocolate, but the company also has other brands, including Nature's Heart, whose products were just recalled. According to the recall announcement posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Oct. 9, certain batches of four trail mixes are affected. You can check yours by looking at the best-by date and batch code on the back of your pouch, in the middle of the righthand side of the bag.

Here's a full list of products affected by the recall, with best-by dates and batch code numbers included.

  • Nature's Heart 1.5-oz pouches of Superfood Trail Mix with best-by date Dec. 2021 and batch code 1083T353T2, 1084T353T2, 1085T353T2, 1086T353T2, or 1088T353T2, 1089T353T2; or with best-by date Apr. 2022 and batch code 1200T353T3
  • Nature's Heart 1.5-oz pouches of Toasted Coconut Chips with best-by date Jan. 2022 and batch code 1120T353T2; best-by date Feb. 2022 and batch code 1121T353T2, 1123T353T2, or 1124T353T2; or with best-by date Apr. 2022 and batch code 1200T353T3
  • Nature's Heart 1.5-oz pouches of Mango Turmeric Cashew Glazed Mix with best-by date Dec. 2022 and batch code 1089T353T2 or 1090T353T2; or with best-by date Jan. 2022 and batch code 1091T353T2
  • Nature's Heart 1.5-oz pouches of Pineapple Chili Cashew Glazed Mix with best-by date Jan. 2022 and batch code 1096T353T2 or 1097T353T2; or best-by date Feb. 2022 and batch code 1140T353T2, 1141T353T2, 1144T353T2, or 1145T353T2

The recall only affects the products above with those lot codes in those sizes. No other Nature's Heart or Nestlé products are affected.

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It's believed the products may have been cross-contaminated with peanuts.

boiled peanuts heart healthy diet

The recall was launched after the company received two complaints from people with peanut allergies. Thankfully, both experienced mild allergic reactions, and neither required hospitalizations.

According to Nestlé, the products don't typically contain peanuts, so the company is investigating whether there was cross-contamination during manufacturing. "People who have an allergy to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products," the recall notice states.

Around 3 million Americans are allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The allergy is so prevalent and severe that in 2004 Congress passed the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), which identified it as one of eight major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybean.

Products that contain these elements must clearly label their inclusion on any packaging so that people with allergies can avoid these products. Unfortunately, allergens can occasionally slip into packaged foods accidentally, creating a real problem for people with severe allergies, which may be at the root of the Nestlé recall.

The FDA recommends you throw out these products if you're concerned about potential peanut exposure. 

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If you believe you've purchased one of these Nestlé products and are concerned that they may contain peanuts, the FDA notice says it "urge[s] not to consume them. They should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase."

Customers are also encouraged to contact Nestlé Professional Customer Service at 800-288-8682 with any questions or concerns.

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If you have a peanut allergy and have consumed the products in question, monitor for symptoms. 

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According to the Mayo Clinic, peanut allergy symptoms may include: "Skin reactions, such as hives, redness or swelling; itching or tingling in or around the mouth and throat; digestive problems, such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, or vomiting; tightening of the throat; shortness of breath or wheezing; and a runny nose."

But the most deadly peanut allergy effect is anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis involves the constriction of the airways and swelling of the throat that makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe. In some cases, people with extreme peanut allergies may lose consciousness.

Around 150 to 200 people a year die from nut allergies, according to Time

People with extreme peanut allergies are encouraged to carry an epinephrine pen—or Epi-Pen—with them at all times to prevent going into allergic shock.

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