People Are Jumping at the Chance to Name This Park's Four New Lion Cubs

Now is your time to name members of an endangered species!

Lion Cubs at Fota Wildlife Park

On April 18, Ireland's Fota Wildlife Park announced that four Asian lion cubs had been born in Feburary. Of course, these now-eight-week-old babies are absolutely adorable, but that's not the only thing that makes this news so exciting. With just over 400 left roaming the earth, Asian lions are considered an endangered species; so any additions to the dwindling population are something to celebrate.

So now that they've gone public, what will these cute new cubs be named? Well, that's entirely up to you.

On Twitter, the Wildlife Park is asking for help naming the four felines. The parents of the litter—Gira and Shanto—previously had three cubs who are now one-and-a-half years old, and their names are Amira, Arya, and Loki. With such uniquely named lions roaming around the reserve, people are going to have to get pretty creative to win this competition.

Some suggestions were nods to the lions' Irish locale.

Others were historically based.

Some were perfect pop culture references, like these Avengers monikers.

And plenty were just plain adorable.

As if potentially naming an endangered species and looking at cute photos of cubs isn't enough, Fota Wildlife Park is also offering a reward to each person whose name is chosen: a year-long Conservation Annual Pass. Trip to Ireland, anyone? Head to Fota Wildlife Park's website to learn more about these sweet creatures and how you can enter the name competition. And if you can't wait to book a trip, then check out these Top Tips for Booking a Luxury Vacation.

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